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VR Everest

Use this link to access VR footage of Mount Everest! Don't forget to choose cardboard to view it through!!

Mount Everest Poly

VR 360 Everest Playlist


Green Screen

What has worked for us!

DoInk: On the old iPads, you can download DoInk which is relatively self explanatory. There is a plus sign in the bottom left, in which you can open the camera for video taping or take a picture. You take a picture and place it on one of the rows, and then open the video camera and it will place the picture on the video taping you have open.

iMovie: Record a video (using a tripod and with not moving the camera if at all possible) and find the picture or video you want to use, either taken or found online. Upload both into iMovie, drag the background onto the bottom row and the video with the green screen right above it. Then, look at the preview in the top right and click on the "video overlay settings" icon, in between the magic wand on the left and the half filled circle on the right. Theres a gray drop down menu that will be set to "cutaway". Click the dropdown and select "Green/Blue Screen", and then simply adjust the softness to your preference in the video.

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