Kristen Hoyt

Assistant Principal

Independence High School Proudly serves the East Charlotte and Mint Hill communities. We are proud to work with a diverse student body and faculty. Our students are able to take a wide range of courses that help them to identify their skills, discover their passions an graduate career and college ready.

As the 10th grade Administrator, I support the needs of the over 500 students who make up the Class of 2022. I am especially excited to be helping these students to challenge themselves by taking classes that lead directly to careers and/or classes that allow them to get college experience and credit.

I also work to support teachers in the Social Studies, Exceptional Children and World Language departments, as well as Advanced Placement Programs. I am very excited about the efforts we are putting in to increasing the opportunities our students have to take AP, Dual Enrollment and Honors classes. We have an incredible staff and our students are eager to meet their challenges.

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