Creating and maintaining the award winning Hough Howlin’ Huskies Choral Program takes time and money. Funding is necessary for music arranging, licensing fees, attire, transportation, choreography, competition entry fees and so much more.

Without the support of our families, community, and local businesses, many students would not be able to participate in this enriching program. With this sponsorship program, our goal is to ensure that any W.A. Hough High student with the love, the talent, the desire can participate.

With your generosity, you can help ensure they will and gain visibility in the community as a supporter of the arts, a supporter of our schools, but more importantly, a supporter of our children.

There are a number of great ways to support the choirs of WA Hough High School. Please take a moment and see how you can make a contribution to keep music alive and well at The Hough!