The Chorus uses Charms as the primary communication platform for students and parents/guardians. We need to have complete and current contact information for everyone no later than the first day of school. Instructions for logging into Charms is located below.

A complete profile for each student will include:

  • Mailing address,

  • Student email address, and ...

  • Student mobile phone number (if applicable).

Additionally, each parent or guardian should enter their own

  • Mailing address,

  • Parent/guardian email address, and

  • Parent/guardian mobile phone number.

It is important for student and parent to have separate contact information, otherwise you may miss important communications. If you have multiple students in the chorus program, please be sure each student’s profile is complete. Information does not automatically link between profiles, but you can link them.

If you have any difficulty accessing Charms, please send me an email to:

If you have any questions relating to the financial end of CHARMS, please send an email to:

Thank you!

charms login instructions

  1. Click the button above or go to the CHARMS Website

  2. Hover over "LOGIN" in the upper right corner and Click on "Parents/Students/Member"

  3. Enter the school code: HoughHSChoir

  4. On the next screen, enter your password (this is your CMS student ID number if it is the first login)

  5. Create a new password that both parent and student will remember

  6. Go to "Update Info" on Home Screen, click "Add new adult" and enter parent information (this is VERY important so information is relayed to more than one email/phone)