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Your rising senior received a FULL TUITION SCHOLARSHIP to any 4-year or 2-year NC public college or entrance into an NC PAID apprenticeship program by participating in the Road To Hire (R2H) Pathways and meeting the requirements?


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Road To Hire Pathways

Road to Hire’s goal is to help students find and actually be able to pursue your next step to a great career after high school. For some that will be college; for others, we’ll be working with to find an apprenticeship or training program that gets you on the path to a great career. Apart of that is we’re excited to announce the:

Road to Hire Pathways Commitment

Here’s what that means:

• ONLY for students in the Road to Hire’s Pathways class

• If the student finishes the year with an 80% or above, they will be eligible for a full tuition scholarship to a public school in NC (including CPCC) or entrance into a paid apprenticeship.

• That means – they have to give it their all as well; this is a 2-way street.

Road to Hire instructors will work with students individually to identify and support them on the path including:

• Identifying the right school or apprenticeship program for them

• College and apprenticeship applications

• Financial aid applications (students will be required to apply for financial aid and other scholarship opportunities); Road to Hire aims to support as many students as possible into college or apprenticeships, so it’s important that each student take advantage of available financial aid (e.g. Pell grants)


Which apprenticeship programs are included?

» We are finalizing the list, but we know it will include the Road to Hire coding fellowship and at least 3-4 other technical trades or medical fields

» Some apprenticeships will be in combination with CPCC classes or an Associate Degree


Is room and board covered:

» The scholarship promise for tuition. For example, at UNCC, tuition is $7500 per year, so this would be a $30,000 scholarship. We are not guaranteeing coverage to live on campus, but we will work with students and schools to apply for as much funding as possible for students who want to or need to live on campus. Students are also responsible for other costs such as health insurance, books and transportation.

Do they have to apply for finaid?

» Yes. Road to Hire aims to support as many students as possible into college or apprenticeships, so it’s important that each student take advantage of available fin aid (e.g. free money like Pell grants). That will be part of THIS class, so don’t worry – we’ll help you and your student through it.

Can they do CPCC + 4-year.

» Yes, if they start at CPCC and transfer to UNCC (or other public schools), Road to Hire will support you all four years. » They can also choose to pursues a 2-year Associate degree!

• Can I go to a private college?

» We will work with you and them one-on-one to see how R2H can support you.

Is this only for tech majors? What majors or career paths are included?

» Road to Hire’s goal is to support going into fields that will lead to high-earning careers. We’ll work with you and your student on talking through options for majors, but generally we encourage the following:

о STEM (engineering, compsci, math)

о BUSINESS (econ, accounting, business, marketing)

о HEALTH SCIENCE (nursing)

о OTHER Career-ready fields (like education)

Are there requirements to maintain the scholarship?

» Yes – students must remain in good standing with their university, continue to participate in Road to Hire’s mentorship program and maintain a 2.8 GPA.


• How do to get a B in the class?

» Grades are based on 20% participation, 45 % projects and 35% quizzes; attendance is also considered as a part of their participation grade.

• Are early grads eligible?

» Yes! We’ll work with you and them on the plan.

• Is work authorization required?

» We will work with you and them to identify the right path if you do not have work authorization. For those students, community college or college will be the best option right now.

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