Financial Aid

How do I get financial Aid?

Steps to get started on Financial Aid

  1. Go to to get started
  2. Create FSA ID account for you and one for one of your parents. You don't need to create an FSA ID account for both parents
  3. Things that you will need for your application:
    1. You and your parent's social security number, alien registration number, USCIS number/Visa Number or Individual Identification Tax Number
    2. Taxes from 2 years back and/or W-2s
    3. An FSA ID for you and one of your parents

4. Now you can get started!

HELP! I don't understand this application!


Call this number: 1-800-433-3243

They gotchu!

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Types of Financial Aid

Need-Based Aid

Need-based financial aid is awarded on the basis of the financial need of the student. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid application (FAFSA) is generally used for determine if you are eligible to receive it and how much you are receiving.

Merit-Based Aid

This type of college aid is usually awarded for a student's academic achievements in high school, as well as for special talents and unique traits, such as musical or athletic skills. Some money for college is awarded without looking at financial need.

What do these words on my Financial Aid Award letter mean?

Grants/Gift Aid/Award

Money given to you by the school that you don't have to pay back.


Money you receive in exchange for working an on-campus job

Student Loans

Money lent by the government or a bank that you have to back with interest.

Subsidized Loans? What?

There are two types of loans that you can receive, subsidized loans and unsubsidized loans.


Subsidized loans are loans that do not accrue interest until 6 months after you graduate.

UnSubsidized loans

Unsubsidized loans are loans that accrue interest while you are in school.