Applying to College

How Do I start?

  1. Figure out what your weighted GPA is. You can look it up on Powerschools or go to your counselor and ask them.
  2. Use this website to find out which schools have the program that you are interested in studying.
  3. Make a list of schools (here's a guide)
  4. Create an account on
    1. If you already have an account, but don't know the username and password, come see me

5. You need to finish Residency Determination Service

1. Go to and sign in

2. Click apply and then click complete Residency Determination

3. Here are the documents that you will need to complete RDS

4. Call 844-319-3640 if you have any questions.

5. Once you are done SAVE YOUR Residency Certification Number! (Take a picture of it, write it down, etc.)

What Do I need to apply?

    1. A CFNC account to send your transcripts
    2. Test Scores (SAT or ACT). If you don't have scores, you have to register to test.
    3. An application fee waiver (come see me for an application fee waiver)