International Baccalaureate: The Extended Essay

Quick Overview

(The dates below reflect the deadlines by which the work will be completed).

All meetings, both mandatory and interim, are required and should be conducted face-to-face with the student's supervisor.

  • Mandatory Meetings require a formal write-up on the RPPF form on Managebac

August 26- September 6: In-class research review.

We will review articles found over the summer, honing research skills and developing awareness of contemporary literature

September 30- October 4: Mandatory Meeting #1 (with Supervisor)

Develop the Research Question (RQ), progress from research notes to planning the essay, begin to develop an outline

October 29- November 1: Interim Meeting #1 (with Supervisor)

Submit draft of first 1,000 words of the Extended Essay

November 18-Dec 13: Mandatory Meeting #2 / Draft Review (with Supervisor)

Submit draft of essay (first 3,000 words or a 3,000 word version)

January 14, 15: Final Copy

Hard copy and digital versions submitted

January 27- February 7: Viva Voce ( Mandatory Meeting #3 with Supervisor)

Reflection and final critique of the EE process