Course Registration

Registration for ninth grade classes will take place in early March, including a Registration Night Event at East on March 8th from 6-7:30 pm. Below is some general information about how courses are scheduled for IB freshmen.

IB 9th graders MUST take-

  • IBMYP/Honors English I
  • IBMYP World History
  • IBMYP Biology
  • IBMYP Health/PE
  • appropriate Math (discussed below)
  • appropriate World Language (discussed below)
  • Two additional courses, options include (more detail is on the schedule card):
      • IBMYP Earth and Environmental Science
      • Visual or Performing Arts course
      • Career and Technical Education courses

Math options

The course that a student selects for 9th grade math is dependent on what math the student took in 8th grade and what sort of grade they earned. Use the information below to decide what is appropriate.

Keep in mind that the goal is for students to be finished with Math 3 by the end of 10th grade, so in some classes students will have to take two levels of math in one school year to reach that goal.

9th grade Math suggestions

World Language Options

What world language course a 9th grader takes is also dependent upon the courses taken in the 8th grade. The goal is for IB students to have completed World Language 3 by the end of their 10th grade year. If the student has not taken World Language 1 in middle school, or would like to take a different language at East Meck, then they will have to take two levels of language (1 - 2 or 2 - 3) in one school year.