Course Registration

A mock-up of the IB Senior registration cards will be at the bottom of this page; the official cards will be distributed soon. The requirements for the DP and CP seniors are quite different.


Essentially, rising DP seniors will just keep on with the IB courses they have. If you have not yet taken an IB 6th subject, you will need to take one senior year. (Not sure if you have a 6th subject? If you have exactly 6 IB classes now, you do NOT have a 6th subject! Prepare to take IB Business & Management, IB Philosophy, or IB Psychology next year.)

Beyond the IB course requirements, electives can be chosen from any section of the registration card. Students are strongly encouraged to take at least one course which is not IB or AP.

Here are some details of the courses you need to select:

  • IB English Literature HL 2
  • IB History of the Americas HL 2
  • IB Math SL 2 or IB Math Studies 2 or IB Math HL
  • IB Biology SL or HL 2, or IB Chemistry SL or HL 2, IB Environmental Systems SL 2
  • IB World Language SL or HL 2 (Chinese, French, German, Latin or Spanish)
  • second year of IB Sixth Subject (if applicable)*
  • IB Theory of Knowledge II
  • One or two electives**

*IB Sixth Subject two-year courses:

  • IB Global Politics SL or HL 2
  • IB Theatre SL or HL 2
  • IB Visual Arts SL or HL 2
  • second IB Science

**Students who took a one-year Sixth Subject (Business or Philosophy) in 11th grade will have space for two electives. Students finishing a two-year Sixth Subject will have space for one elective.

CAREER Seniors

CP Seniors MUST take:

  • IB Personal and Professional Skills 2
  • TWO IB courses (if you finished one of the two by taking an IB exam in 11th grade, then ONLY ONE)
  • ONE or TWO career courses
  • One more World Language (if you did World Language in 11th grade, then this requirement is fulfilled)
  • All other classes required for graduation

grade 12 2019-20- CP Complete.pdf
grade 12 2019-20- DP Complete.pdf