IB SOPHOMORE- Course Registration


  • IBMYP English 2-- A/B day
  • IBMYP Chemistry (and/or IBMYP Physics)-- A/B day
  • IBMYP American History: Founding Principles, Civics and Economics-- A/B day
  • IBMYP Math 2 (can be skipped if taken in 9th grade)
  • IBMYP Math 3
  • IBMYP World Language 2 (can be skipped if taken in 9th grade)
  • IBMYP World Language 3
  • Elective courses to reach eight total classes (even number of A/B day and block)


  • All IBMYP classes are taught at the HONORS level, and earn an extra 0.5 credit weight
  • AP and IB level courses are taught at the UNIVERSITY level and earn an extra 1.0 credit weight.
  • Course recommendations are based on getting students to be qualified for both the IB programs for 11th and 12th grade, as such:
    • Students are not required to continue in the same language they started in middle school, but they must complete World Language 3 by the end of 10th grade.
    • In Math, students are required to complete NC Math 3 by the end of 10th grade
  • Earth science is a NC graduation requirement. Many IB students complete it through one of the following methods:
    • Select it as an Honors or IBMYP elective during 9th grade
    • Take Honors online over the summer (recommend between 9th and 10th grade)
    • Take AP or IB Environmental Science in later years (IB Environmental Sci is a two year course)

Math options

The course(s) that a student selects for 10th grade math is dependent on what math the student took in 9th grade and what sort of grade they earned. Use the information below to decide what is appropriate.

Keep in mind that the goal is for students to be finished with Math 3 by the end of 10th grade, so in some cases students will have to take two levels of math in one school year to reach that goal.

10th grade registration card for 2019-2020 (all programs)

grade 10 2019-20 Complete.pdf