Bennington Social Committee

Welcome to our new page! This is where you can find out more information about social gatherings in our community!

Please email us if you would like to join the social committee, have ideas, or would like to contribute in any way.

Our email address is


February : Walk and Talk Social. 10 am on Saturday February 10th we will meet at the footbridge so we can meet our neighbors, have a chat, and walk about the neighborhood.

February: Valentines for everyone. We plan on spreading a little bit of love to everyone!

March: (Proposed) Something for St. Patrick's Day? We don't know yet, but would love your ideas!

April: (Proposed) Planting trees for Earth Day.

May: (In planning phase) The Spring Fling!!!! This major neighborhood event will include food, hanging out, and possibly an outdoor movie. We would love help, support, and volunteers to accomplish our first big event.

June: (Proposed) Swim and Chat Pool Party!

More to come with your help and support! Thank you for viewing our page!