Club Details

The RISE CLUB has been started with the objective of development and exchange of relevant knowledge to learn and develop skills in various aspects of programming and hardware development and become aware of technological advancements in various spheres of information science and engineering.

This club creates a common platform for the students to share their programming experiences and helps to create useful projects. The club aims to be a forum for interaction among students, past and present of ISE Department. We organize workshops, events by esteemed alumni company representatives, experts in their respective domains.

Objective of the club:

  • To create a platform to improve technical inattentiveness of students can be nurtured.
  • To be creative and innovative that will lead to future technocrats.
  • To help society in providing solutions to the problem faced in day to day life.

Faculty Council:

Head of Department: Dr. Farida Begam

Faculty Coordinator: Prof. Akhilaa

Student Coordinators:

Ravish Raj

Sakshi Sinha