Research Committee

In today's competitive world, CMR Institute of Technology has taken up several initiatives to be a globally recognized institute. CMRIT strongly believes that its faculty is the core of this pursuit. The knowledge of its faculty and the activities carried out by them would determine the outcomes in terms of its students' competence and placements. These, in turn, would also decide CMRIT's ability to serve the cause of the society through its engineering and management expertise.

Along with excellence in teaching, the faculty at CMRIT pursue research, consultancy, projects, innovation and entrepreneurship (RCPIE). The ‘centers of excellence' (CoE) and the ‘innovation and entrepreneurship cell (I&E)‘ are the main hubs to carry out these activities. The institute level research committee (RC) along with departmental level research committees (DRC) oversee these activities and encourage faculty and students to build up their knowledge and skills.

Some of the important milestones achieved in the last few years are:

  • Formation of Department Research Committees

  • Establishment of fifteen Centers of Excellence for advanced research in science and technology.

  • Formation I&E committees in each department

  • Setting of MHRD Institutional Innovation Council.

  • Setting up of KSCST IPR cell

  • Setting up of MSME Incubation Centre

  • Signing-up with National Research Development Council for innovation and startups

  • Categorization of faculty core load into Teaching and RCPIE (Research, Consultancy, Projects, Innovation, Entrepreneurship).

  • Active list of high quality journals considered acceptable for faculty publications.

  • Periodic demos of CoE Mega Applications, I&E Innovation Projects, and Department Mega Projects.

  • Techno Meet for Society