An exclusive Internship Cell was established by CMR Institute of Technology in the year 2018

Why Internship Cell?

The purpose of this cell is to assist the students in finding quality national and international internships and process students applications for internships in Government sectors. The cell also initiates in arranging visits to explore inter departmental internship opportunities.

Where you can do Internship?

> Internship can be carried out in

> Industry R & D Organization Research Institute

> Institutional of National Importance

> Research Centre ( recognized by VTU)

> Professional Bodies

> Reputed public and private sectors

Duration of Internship

Minimum duration of 4 weeks

Is Internship mandatory?

It is mandatory that student has to complete the internship. If any student fails to complete internship, he/she will not be eligible for the award of degree. In case of non-completion of internship, the student has to redo the internship.

Internship Guidelines as Per VTU

o The internship shall be completed during the period specified in the Scheme of Teaching and Examination.

o The internship can be carried out in any industry/ R and D Organization/Research Institute/Educational institute of repute.

o (a) The Department/college shall nominate staff members to facilitate, guide and supervise students under internship.

(b) The Internal Guide has to visit place of internship at least once during the student’s internship.

o The students shall report the progress of the internship to the guide in regular intervals and seek his/her advice.

o After the completion of Internship, students shall submit a report with completion and attendance certificates to the Head of the Department with the approval of both internal and external guides.

o There will be 50 marks for CIE ( Seminar: 25, Internship report: 25) and 50 marks for Viva-Voce conducted during SEE. The minimum requirement of CIE marks shall be 50% of the maximum marks.

o The internal guide shall award the marks for seminar and internship report after evaluation. He/she will also be the internal examiner for Viva-Voce conducted during SEE.

o The external guide from the industry shall be an examiner for the viva voce on Internship. Viva-Voce on internship shall be conducted at the college and the date of Viva-Voce shall be fixed in consultation with the external Guide. The Examiners shall jointly award the Viva-Voce marks.

o In case the external Guide expresses his inability to conduct viva voce, the Chief superintended of the college institution shall appoint a senior faculty of the Department of conduct viva-voce along with the internal guide. The same shall be informed in writing to the concerned Chairperson, Board of Examiners (BOE).

o The students are permitted to carry out the internship anywhere in India or abroad. The University will not provide any kind of financial assistance to any student for carrying out the Internship.

Members of Internship Cell

Ms. Gomathi T Head - Internship Cell & Department of MCA

Ms. Swathi Y Associate Professor Department of ISE

Ms. Shwetha K V Assistant Professor Department of CSE

Ms. Suganya J Assistant Professor Department of ECE

Ms. Reshma Eldo Assistant Professor Department of EEE

Ms. Deepa Pradeep Assistant Professor Department of TCE

Mr. Cyril S Assistant Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mr. Karthik Assistant Professor Department of Civil

Ms. Ashwini Patil Assistant Professor Department of MCA


Internship Cell Presentation

Mscript Internship selects with Recruiters

Internship at CBREX

Visit to Bangalore Space EXPO 2018


Ms. Gomathi T Head – Internship Cell & MCA

Email : Tel: Dir: +91 80 28524466 / 77 x 266