Principal's message

Dr. Sanjay Jain

Principal, CMRIT

Dear Students, Parents, and Staff Members,

COVID-19 pandemic has taken the entire world by surprise. No one has anticipated its impact in terms of mass infection and death across the globe in a span of a few months. Locked in our homes to protect ourselves with this deadly virus seems to be the only viable solution as of now.

Human race has faced many challenges in the past and has always come out of it - much stronger and better. Such events bring massive change in our society and also change our behavior. It helps us to understand priorities, dwell on what is important, and let go what is not.

This pandemic on one hand has created a great havoc especially in the weaker section of the society but on the other hand it gives us an opportunity to come out as a strong human race. One needs to remember that any one of us can fall due to chance or mistake but the important thing is how quickly we stand-up and begin the normal course of life towards our vision.

The lockdown has brought everything to standstill. We as academicians need to stand up quickly and respond to threat so that our student fraternity can continue their progress in terms of their learning outcomes. At CMRIT, we have come out with various initiatives to respond to the COVID-19 challenge so that the delay in our academic schedule is minimized without impacting the studies of our students. I am also happy to share that CMRIT’s leadership team responded in less than a week’s time realizing the impact of this lockdown.

CMRIT’s response to COVID-19 Lockdown

We have started virtual classroom sessions immediately after the lockdown. Each and every theory subject is having on-line teaching, videos are recorded, e-contents are shared, assignments are given, and doubts are cleared. Computer programming labs are being done on-line and other labs are introduced and procedures being discussed. Both faculty and students have now adapted to this new mode of pedagogy.

To make students industry-ready, TYL sessions are now conducted on-line, be it aptitude training, soft skill training, or programming skill development. The sessions are incorporated in class time-tables to make it convenient for students to attend them regularly.

CMRIT student clubs have come out with various on-line activities to keep the student community in high spirits - be it competitions, quizzes, creative artefacts, or other activities. Students also participate in various contests announced by companies.

Our faculty mentors are regularly in touch with our students to check their well-being, motivate them, and support them in their learning or any other issues/concerns. Our professional psychological counsellor is always available to support students and staff in terms of any additional help needed. Even career guidance is provided by our T&P department for any concerns related to career, internships, pre-placement offers, or placement drives.

Our faculty and students are involved in creating products/parts to help fight COVID-19 and multiple proposals are being submitted to find short-term and long-term solutions for such a pandemic. We are making use of our Maker-space, Centres-of-Excellence, I&E cell facilities to support this initiative.

We have also put out various precautions and care that one needs to take during this epidemic. Helplines numbers are also provided in case of any emergency.

We are happy to share that all CMRIT staff have contributed one-day salary towards Karnataka Chief Minister’s Relief fund to fight COVID-19 pandemic. Some of our staff and students are also working as Corona warriors on the field to support the weaker section of our society.

Everyone is requested to keep themselves healthy by doing some physical exercises/yoga and be relaxed mentally as even the darkest night has a dawn to follow. We all know that a healthy person can fight even the deadliest disease by keeping his/her immune system strong. Let’s make the best use of the lockdown by enhancing our knowledge and skill and enjoy the journey despite challenges. Let’s also seek support from each other to keep ourselves motivated and make the best use of the new changed system and new processes around us.

I am confident that all of us will swim successfully through this pandemic and come out as a better society and a stronger system in the next few months. Wish you all good health and learning!

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