Center of Excellence in Signal Processing

About Center of Excellence

The establishment of Center of Excellence (CoE) in Signal Processing is intended to be an internationally recognized centre in signal processing and applications. The CoE will create a self-sustainable centre which carries out state-of-the-art research. The objective is to train researchers and entrepreneurs in the field of signal processing and to create technologies and tools for industrial applications.

The center currently has six faculty members including the head of center of excellence Dr. Binish Fatimah, three research scholars working on various research problems of signal processing. The center aims at applied research considering the recent trends of the signal processing domain. The center has the members working on various topics such as biomedical signal processing, machine learning, neural networks, image processing, adaptive signal processing and antenna design.

  • Research & Activity Highlights
  • Paper presented in SSN College of Engineering, Chennai, on " Energy consumption aspects of 5G wave forms " in the proceedings of WISPNET 2018.
  • Paper presented in Prathyusha College of Engineering, Chennai, on "Global Bandwidth: Trends and prospects" in the proceedings of AEEICB 2018.
  • Paper presented in Reva University, Bengaluru, on " Comparative study of performance of patch antenna for S-band applications" in the proceedings of ICAECC 2018.
  • Paper presented in MNIT Jaipur (Skype presentation), on " Optical wireless hybrid networks for 5G" in the proceedings of OWT 2018.
  • Paper presented in Surya College of Engineering, Tamilnadu, on "Motion tracking using pixel subtraction method" in the proceedings of the IEEE 2017 International Conference on Computing Methodologies and Communication ICCMC 2017.

Contact Address:

Centre for Excellence in Signal Processing

CMR Institute of Technology,

132 AECS layout, IT Park Road,

Kundalahalli P.O., Bangalore 560037