Center of Excellence -Natural Resource Management

About the CoE

Conservation of natural resources viz., air, water and energy is highly critical as far as sustainable growth of any country is concerned. The development of technology has led to the accumulation of tonnes of waste materials. This Centre of Excellence - " Natural Resources Management" focus on three domains namely

1. Conservation of Energy

• Solar energy

• Biomass and Biofuels

• Tidal energy , wind energy

• Thermoelectric energy

2. Conservation of Air/ Water

• Quality Analysis

• Innovative materials for treatment or purification

• Ground water recharge

3. Waste Management - involves management of different wastes including

• e-waste

• Biowaste

• Industrial waste

• Solid waste

• Construction waste


Establish CMRIT as a Centre for Excellence that provide innovative, ecofriendly and sustainable solutions towards harnessing green energy and preserve natural resources.

Short Term Goals

1. Investigate the properties of low cost energy efficient materials and nanocomposites and study the feasibility of alternate technologies for sustainable energy generation (solar energy, biomass, tidal energy, thermoelectric energy harvesting)

2. To study hydro geological factors (rainfall data, surface topography, geophysical data) for assessing terrain suitability to recharge ground water.

3. Investigate the effectiveness of different technologies (use of fly ash, using optical sensors or nanomaterials) for water purification and its quality analysis.

4. To provide sustainable solutions for waste management (e-waste, solid waste, construction waste, wastewater, domestic waste, bio-medical waste, industrial waste)

Long Term Goals

1. To develop sustainable and low cost solutions for waste management and energy harvesting.

2. To establish collaborations with industries and institutes of repute and emerge as a center for excellence in water quality testing.

3. To be renowned as a Centre for Excellence that provides hands on training on Natural Resource Management (Air, water and Energy).

Ongoing research

Urban air quality management

Urban sprawl studies using Satellite images

Harvesting energy from pavements

Ground water recharge using bore hole data