Center of Excellence in Materials Science

The Centre for Materials Science at CMR Institute of Technology caters to research and innovation in Materials towards trends in functional material growth and characterization, and provides innovative and sustainable technology solutions to its multifaceted utilization.

The center undertakes a range of research investigations in materials such as design, synthesis and characterization of inorganic solid and nanomaterials, nano & bio composites, polymer composites, carbon materials, thin films and heterojunctions. Investigations primarily address a functional behavior towards understanding properties catering to a utility. Areas under current investigations by the members are:

  • Nanoscale ferrites for spintronic and magneto-electric investigations
  • Thermo, ferro and piezoelectric properties for energy applications
  • Oxide, chalcogenide & graphene composites for solar energy harvesting
  • Metal-oxide polymer composites for nanoelectronic investigations
  • Metal nanocrystals for embedded charge storage heterostructures
  • Composites for pollutant degradation and environmental remediation
  • Materials for bio and chemical sensing
  • Theoretical and Quantum computational analyses of properties / spectroscopy

Eventually we aspire and target to address more specific complex scientific and technological issues and come up with clearer conceptual and technology solutions to society relevant problems. Strong interests of the center would be to have in-depth understanding of materials to develop effective technologies, develop and research electronic materials, solutions for energy harvesting adapting to green technology & cater to environmental remediation. Majority of our doctoral students are registered with Visveswaraya Technological University, to which CMRIT is affiliated.

We also support undergraduate student projects with innovative ideas. To have effective national and international collaborations with academia, industry, and CSIR & DRDO labs and conduct of periodic scientific workshops and technology / skill training programs are the other objectives of the center. The center is financially supported by funds from the Department of Science and Technology and by CMRIT and is one of the nine CoEs operating from the campus.

Research & Activity Highlight

  • R. Sangeetha & Lakhirupa Devi successfully completed their course work for the doctoral program under VTU in May 2018.
  • Lakhirupa Devi attended 7 days workshop on, "Research Methodology" organized by Visvesvaraya Technological University in May 2018
  • Paper published in Adv. Mater. Proc. on Comparative Study between NiO Nanocrystal functionalized graphite and Au electrodes as immobilization supports for laccase enzyme in amperometric biosensing for catechol detection.
  • Paper accepted in J. Mater. Sci.: Mater Electron. on "Dielectrical performance of high-k yttrium copper titanate thin films for electronic applications".
  • Paper accepted in Microelectron. Eng. On "RF and microwave dielectric response investigation of high-k yttrium copper titanate ceramic for electronic applications".
  • Paper published in Surfaces and interfaces on 'Vacuum annealed tin sulphide (SnS) thin films for solar cell applications.

Contact Address:

Centre for Excellence in Materials Science

CMR Institute of Technology,

132 AECS layout, IT Park Road,

Kundalahalli P.O., Bangalore 560037


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