We help people collect  money they deserve from their catastrophic major medical (CMM) insurance policies

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We provide claim submission services for CMM policy holders. 

We understand the process can be difficult and these types of claims are not submitted by your Dr. or Pharmacy. 

The policy holders must submit all claims directly or lose money...we can do it all for you. 

Let us help...Click here to get Qualified Now.

Why choose us

HIPA Compliant

We are certified complient ensuring your participation is 100% HIPAA Compliant


The information you submit is 100% secure through DocuSign and Google

No upfront fees

CMM Advisors Corp only gets paid after you get paid...no out of pocket expense to you

Convenient and Safe Payment

You will get paid directly from your insurance company, choosing direct deposit or check mailed 

How it works

Step 1

Fill out the qualification form and answer a few simple questions

You will hear back shortly via email with your qualification results

Step 2

If you are qualified, we will send you the needed forms to start the process

This information is 100% secure between you and us and will strictly be used to submit your information to your insurance company

Step 3

We will handle the rest of the process for you!

Your insurance company should notify you that CMM Advisors Corp has started the claims process on your behalf

Step 4

Receive your deserved money directly from your insurance company!

You only pay CMM Advisors Corp after you collect your money! 


CSEA NYSUT Catastrophe Major Medical

Retired CSEA Member
Farmingdale University Employee

"CMM Advisors Corp has helped me when I needed help the most with my current health care expenses , they have taken the hassle out of getting claims processed for my husband and myself."

CSEA NYSUT Catastrophe Major Medical

Retired Spouse of
Union Member
NYS Tax Authority

"I had no idea that I was covered under my wife's CMM policy. CMM Advisors Corp helped research our coverage and get me money back for our out of pocket medical expenses. It was simple, I just let them handle it all."