Service Learning at CMIS seeks to combine the two foundational elements of our vision: responsible global citizenship (service) and courageous learners (learning) into an engaging experience for the mutual benefit of our students and the wider community around us.  Opportunities for students are created through a variety of different avenues (i.e. through the classroom, student clubs, student interest, community need, etc.) and are mainly student driven with adult input and support.

The service learning experience for our Grade 9 - Grade 12 students is designed to get our students actively participating in the community around them as they learn how to be responsible, global citizens.  Through the years, students have spent countless hours serving at local orphanages, teaching English at various schools, working with refugees, caring for neglected animals, planting trees, spending time with senior citizens, working with students with handicaps or disabilities, etc.  We are proud of each of our students, and the hard work and dedication they display as they seek for opportunities to care for others in their community.

Interact -2022-23 Winter Clothing Drive for the Rotary Club 

 The CMIS community donated so many items for the children living in the  Northern Hill communities of Thailand. Viki Thomason, the President of the Roatry Club, shared that this year they received twice as much winter clothes, blankets, shoes, and toys than last year.  You can see how much came from CMIS if you look at the red truck in the photo on the left. That is ALL CMIS donations that were bagged up by the students from the Interact Club.  Way to go!

CMIS Students Go to the Elephant Nature Park

CMIS 6-12 grade students and staff had a great time, Saturday, September 24, 2022, at the Elephant Nature Park in Northern Thailand. Students participated in feeding elephants, as well as caring for the sanctuary's additional rescue animals (buffalo, goats, dogs, cats, and birds), and spent time walking above it all on the Sky-walk Bridge.

CMIS Feed the Need Recognized by Chiang Mai City Life News! 

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More information: 

In response to the continued effects of COVID-19, the Advanced Placement English Language and Composition class at Chiang Mai International School gathered supplies (food, hygienic products, etc) from members of their community and coordinated with local authorities to distribute the supplies where they are needed. The group has raised and distributed basic necessities for more than 150 families in the Chiang Mai area.

As part of their outreach, they would like to spread awareness of their cause and also provide a model as to how other schools or organisations might do the same. To this purpose, they have created a website showcasing their research on the issue, what they did, and how they did it. Their goal is to include as many communities as possible in their project in order to help those in need.

National Honor Society (NHS): "End It" Movement

On Thursday, February 25th, the CMIS Chapter of the National Honor Society (NHS) collaborated with ZOE International to shine a light on modern-day slavery and child trafficking through the End It Movement. NHS members painted red X’s on their hands, handed out fliers, and set up a donation box in order to inform the CMIS community about the movement. Students and teachers walking past the informational booth were encouraged to paint red X’s in order to spread awareness around the campus as well.

Please Let Us Breathe: Trash Pick Up Project

The Club PLUB (Please Let Us Breathe) is holding trash picking up events every Sunday from 8am to 10 am.  This is a great service-learning opportunity for students and those who want to make an impact on the environment here in Chiang Mai.

The current location for each Sunday is on the road across from the Train Station. Students meet at the Takraw court near Fort Kawila hospital at the crossroads of the train tracks and the road. Please bring snacks and water and bring your friends too (non-members are welcome)!

The Memory Project portraits have been delivered!  Watch the video for more information...

If you're short on time, it is worth watching the second half at the very least (starting at minute 5:17).

2020 Senior Class Gift: The Community Crisis Fund

Each year at CMIS, the graduating class gives a gift to the school as a way of showing thanks and appreciation.  This year, the Class of 2020 created the Community Crisis Fund and gave a donation of 10,000 Baht as seed money to the Service Learning Program with the intention that these funds will enable and encourage students to reach out in times of critical need such as the current period of COVID-19.  Many thanks to the 2020 Senior Class for this thoughtful gift!

AP Language and Composition WE Service Project

For the AP Language and Composition WE Service Project, students took their study of argument and rhetorical analysis and directed their learning to confronting the pollution crisis in Chiang Mai. As a part of the program, students chose a topic of focus to investigate and learn about, created an action plan to respond to the issue by working to lessen the impact of pollution on the community, put into action their plan to confront an issue that had local and global repercussions by attempting to grow moss on campus, and finally, created a post to showcase their service learning project.

Find more information on this project by clicking HERE.

Thai Village, Inc./Giving Tuesday Update

The CMIS community was able to raise 73,000 baht worth of donations for needy families in the Chiang Mai area!  Thai Village volunteers were able to deliver 73 relief packages full of supplies because of your generosity.  On behalf of Thai VIllage, Inc. thank you for your generosity!


Thai Village Inc. was started by CMIS alum, Liz Meister ‘97,  in 2007 to respond to needs for training and income generation amongst vulnerable groups in Northern Thailand. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Thai Village has been responding to emerging needs in these communities by providing relief packages to many low-income families who are out of work during this time.

Our CMIS community now has the opportunity to contribute to this relief work through either food or monetary donations. 1000 baht pays for one relief package and provides dried food supplies for a family of 6 for 2-3 weeks. If your family would like to contribute to this relief effort, you can do so in two ways.

1. Make a monetary donation to Thai Village to the amount of 1,000 baht per 1 package for a family of 6. Any amount is gratefully received and will go directly to relief efforts. This can be done by bank transfer to Thai Village’s Kasikorn Bank Account #258-2-58689-9 (Name Elizabeth Meister) or by credit card on the following link 

After making your donation, please send an email to to notify us of the amount so that we can track our progress towards meeting our CMIS goal.

2.  Purchase food for 1 package or more and deliver to either Rob Johnson (9am – 2pm) or Tyler Stinchcomb (1pm – 6pm) at the pins below. We need the following items to make 1 package:

Please contact Tyler Stinchcomb (ES Principal) at or Rob Johnson (Service Learning Coordinator/Spiritual Adviser) at  if you need help finding these locations.  Please wear masks and respect social distancing rules when delivering your donation. Thank you.

Thai Village wants to thank you so much for your support on behalf of the many families for whom these deliveries make a huge difference. We will send pictures soon of how your donations are being used. Thank you for your care and concern!

Check out the new Service Learning Video!

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