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Forestry  Mulching

Using the mulching head is a great way to clean up underbrush.  The mulching head can take down and mulch up to 6" diameter trees.  Cleans up thickets, field edges, empty lots, brush piles, over-grown fields, pond edges, and old trails.  A mulching head can be very useful for clearing food plots or establishing new ATV/truck trails.  It clears brush all the way to the dirt, unlike a bush hog, and leaves a layer of mulch.

Light Grading/Leveling

Light Grading/Leveling can be used for many applications.  From building a new road to building a new house, some leveling will generally be needed.  

Spreading Gravel or Dirt

Spreading dirt and/or rock is a job perfect for a skid loader.  Similar to the leveling jobs above, this will be a normal job before a new driveway or building is installed.


The dump trailer that hauls the skid loader can be used to haul dirt and/or gravel to or from the job site.  Bringing material to the site and removing material from a site can be very important parts of a job that are often over looked.

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