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This page is designed as a resource for you to use as you prepare for your workshops and interest sessions.

Please check back to this page. It will be updated with information as we get closer to the conference.

If you have any questions, please contact Bethany Thompson, Program Chair at


Lead presenters get a free registration to the conference (no meals). To register use the link below. This link is just for presenters. Lead presenters should share this link with any co-presenters. You will need your session number when your register. This is a letter and a number, for example Q 1.

Lead presenters receive a free registration (Sat/Sun - no meals). Co-presenters do not receive a free registration.

Lead & co-presenters' registration:

Hotel Information


Conference Technology Information

All rooms will have a projector with either a VGA or HDMI cable. No computer will be provided. If you requested additional A/V equipment that will be in the room as well.

All Mac (Apple) computers will require an adapter to connect to the VGA or HDMI cable. The type of adapter you will need will depend on the model of Mac that you have. If you are not sure of the type of adapter you need you can consult this webpage from Apple or ask your school's technology support. CLTA will have a limited number of adapters on hand.

If you will be using a PC, please be sure that you can connect via HDMI or VGA cable. Not all newer PCs have a VGA port and you may need to have an adapter.

Conference Schedule

This year the conference schedule will be entirely online using the online program tool SCHED. In February you will receive an email with instructions for logging into the SCHED conference website and you will be able to manage your workshop or session - including adding any resources. You will be able to add a link to digital resources or upload documents. It is recommended when you get the email invitation that you set up your profile, including a profile picture.

Handouts and Number of Participants

Thurs/Friday Workshops - If you are doing a Thurs/Friday workshop you will know the number of participants registered for your workshop before the conference so that you can make a sufficient number of handouts. If your workshop is not at capacity, it is recommended you have a few extra handouts on hand for on-site registrations.

Sat/Sun Interest Sessions - The number of participants in each session is more difficult to estimate. Rooms hold anywhere from 30-100 people.


In addition to the general conference evaluation, participants will be asked to evaluate each interest session or workshop they attend. After the conference you will receive the evaluations for your workshop(s) or interest session(s). Participants are asked to rate the session based on the following questions:

  • How relevant was this session?
  • How well was this session prepared?
  • Based on the program description, did this session meet your expectations?
  • How valuable was this session to your teach or other professional practices?
  • How was the presenter's knowledge of the topic and/or material?
  • Would you recommend this presenter for another session?
  • What were strengths of the session?
  • What could be improved?