Welcome to cls

CLS MACHINERY CO., LTD was founded in 2005. Located at WUXI city A-PARK industry park where beside picturesque TAIHU lake. Factory total area is about 10,000 square meter. We devote to design and manufacture container loading equipment. We provide technology and solution for client. Main products Mobile Transport Tray (MTTTM), Portable Roller Bed System (PBSTM), Portable Loading Dock (PLDTM) be widely used in ocean, road and air transportation. Products video show.

Mobile Transport Tray (MTTTM) is the revolutionary product in the freight industry which des igned and improved in 2003.Since 2005 MTT was begun promoting in the USA, Europe and Australia market ,it be applied and used widely and fast so far.

Portable Roller Bed System (PBSTM) is innovation product in the air freight industry which be designed and improved newly in 2009. It is a impressed concept products and gave truckers the leading edge and reduce their need for capital investment into expensive trailer equipment. 

Portable loading dock (PLDTM) is automatic (un)loading system via electric control winch and main is used where there is not dock and have not equipment lift container put on the ground. 

CLS have a specialist team , who has rich experience in independent design, research and development, manufacture, sale and transportation service . We can provide various and customized solution for different client and meet the requirement of different products.

CLS has a network of distributors and agents over thel world. Let us can provide rental equipment and integrated logistical service for you. Including loading &unloading shipment from door to door and recycling equipment from destination. All can be done by us, What you need to do is pick up phone and call us.

CLS has completely mechanical equipment can provide our customers with quality custom products to meet their requirement. Include steel fabrication, cutting-laser, cutting-plasma,saw-cutting,punching,roll forming, welding/brazing/oxy cutting, machining, turnery, milling and drilling. See more our other products.