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What are the Film Categories?


Research and produce a documentary that follows the theme of overcoming the odds. Clearly show the challenge or problem and how it was or could be overcome. This film should inspire and bring hope to those with similar challenges. (Length: 4 minutes or less)

Public Service Announcements (PSA)

Research and produce a PSA that addresses a current issue that kids and teens face. This film should show the hazards of certain behaviors as well as how/where to get/receive help or further information. (Length: 1 minutes or less)


Create an original narrative that follows a story plot line: setting and characters, rising action, climax, falling action, solution, and resolution. (Length: 4 minutes or less)

Music Video Covers

Create an original music video using an existing song. The lyrics must be appropriate and non-offensive for the audience. These films will not be broadcast beyond this film festival due to copyright restrictions. (Length: 3 minutes or less)

What are the Basic Rules?

  • All entries must be original, student created films.
  • All aspects of the filmmaking process must be performed by the students. This work includes script writing, camera work, directing, and editing. (Guiding and instructing by the teacher/coach is expected, but it must be limited to showing students how to do a task and offering suggestions, rather than doing the work.)
  • Non-students may be utilized as actors.
  • Limit of 5 producers per film (there may be extra actors).
  • Due submitted by April 3, 2020.

What Music is Available?

How Will the Film be Scored by the Judges?

  • Evidence of research (for documentaries and PSA's)
  • Variety of resources used (for documentaries and PSA's)
  • Purpose of film is conveyed in a logical and interesting sequence
  • Meaningful images and audio convey the intended message
  • General film techniques and appropriate transitions are used
  • Music selection matches the tone of the film
  • Audio is well-balanced
  • All sources are properly cited in the credits (and no copyright infringements)
  • Does not exceed the time limit

How Will Students be Honored and Awarded?

  • The student producers of the first place film in each category will be called to the stage to be recognized and awarded a plaque, along with a t-shirt. The films will be viewed on the big screen.
  • The student producers of the following top films will be called to the stage to be recognized and awarded medallions, along with a t-shirt. The films will be viewed on the big screen.
  • Each student producer from all film submissions will receive a certificate.

How Does the Teacher or Coach Submit a Film?

1. Upload each film onto YouTube (unlisted or public), using the film title only.

2. Complete a release form for each student.

3. Fill out and submit a form for each film.

***Deadline to Submit Films: Friday, April 3, 2020***

The Lighthouse Release Form .pdf

Release Form

Print one per student, get parent signatures, send through CUSD district mail to Claudia Hooten Alta Sierra Intermediate.

Middle School Documentary Submission Form

Documentary Form

Elementary School PSA Submission Form

PSA Form

Middle School Narrative Submission Form

Narrative Form

Music Video Cover Submission Form

Music Video Cover Form