Kindergarten with Mrs. Yates

Welcome to Kindergarten!!

A Note from Mrs. Yates:

I would like to give a big THANK YOU to all our parents and guardians for meeting with me at parent/teacher conferences! It was a pleasure to talk with all of you! Your support at home is crucial to your child’s success at school. If your child did not receive a score of 3 for letter identification or letter sounds, please spend extra time at home practicing those skills.

This month will fly by with Thanksgiving Break! In November we will continue our study of Autumn. We will also learn about the first Thanksgiving, table manners, and the five food groups, among other things. We will have a little “Healthy Foods Feast” before Thanksgiving Break to use what we have learned in a real-life setting. A letter will come home soon and students can sign up for what they want to bring to share with the class!

Important Dates

November 1………………. Picture re-takes

November 2………………. Vision & Hearing Screening

November 9…………...... TK carnival 4-8pm

November 12 ……………. No school – Veteran’s Day

November 16 ……………. Healthy Foods Feast

November 19 – 23…..… Thanksgiving Break - No school

Reading & Language Arts:

This month we will aim to master all letter sounds so we can officially begin reading and writing CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words.

In reading, we are focusing on retelling the stories we read. After students read or listen to a story they should eventually be able to say what happened in the beginning, list 3-5 events from the middle of the story, and say how the story ended. We will continue to identify characters in stories, as well as talk about our favorite parts of stories we read. Guided Reading groups will continue this month, which is one of the biggest ways I differentiate instruction to meet the diverse needs of our class. As always, we continue to work on speaking in complete sentences, taking turns talking, and reading sight words.


The students and I are enjoying “Math Theater” time! This is when we act out math “stories” on the carpet. The kids enjoy being a part of the stories (which are actually addition and subtraction word problems)!

Students will continue to count larger quantities of objects during Counting Collections time. This is another way to differentiate instruction for the diversity in our class- a few students are counting objects into the 60s and beyond, while others are working on one-to-one correspondence of quantities within 10.

Beginning this month, and continuing throughout the year, we will spend time identifying, counting, writing, building, and decomposing teen numbers.

Most students should have the following skills mastered by the end of this month:

*I can count 0-30 (or higher).

*I can skip count by 10s to 100.

*I can touch and count sets of objects up to 10 (or higher).

*I can write numbers to 10 (or higher).


We are continuing our uppercase and lowercase letter formation instruction and practice using a modified version of the Handwriting Without Tears program.

In addition to independent and guided writing during center time, I will do more interactive writing whole-class to model how to think of the sentence we want to write, count the words in the sentence, write the words we already know, “stretch out” words we don’t know how to spell, and use the word wall to help us write our sight words. We will also work on finger spacing and punctuation during this time.

Most students are working on writing one complete sentence, and those who are ready are being challenged to write two or more complete sentences (while staying on topic). A complete sentence includes:

1.Starting with an uppercase letter.

2.Leaving a finger space between each word

3. Ending each sentence with a punctuation mark.

4. Hearing and writing the sounds of unknown words.

5. Re-reading to make sure the sentence makes sense.

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