End of 2nd Quarter!

  • First Grade, this is our last week of the 2nd quarter. Please be sure to have your child's reading log turned in by Friday. Your child's goal was to have read 250 logged minutes on their reading log.
  • On Wednesday, please wear your blue LIBERTY spirit wear! Thank you.
  • Cheer Night is coming up on Friday, January 25. Be sure to sign up on our Liberty website.

Star of the Week:

Charlie Belle


  • We are learning about the rain and different types of weather.
  • We are writing every morning in our journals. A journal is a great idea to have your child write more at home.
  • Please continue to use the sight words flash cards that go home every week. You want to be sure your child can identify sight words and read them fluently (without hesitation).
  • In Math, we are learning addition! You can do this at home. You can use beans, buttons, dried pasta...count, add, and discuss. Practice writing addition problems at home.
  • If your child has a "book buddy," your child needs to read it at home with you and return it the next day. Book Buddy bags typically go home 2-3 times per week.

1st Grade...

  • This week we are taking a writing assessment. Your child needs to write four or more sentences, begin sentences with a capital letter, have ending punctuation and reread for meaning.
  • Our 3rd Quarter begins on Tuesday, January 22. Report cards will be sent home the following week.
  • We will be spending this week on assessments. We will have an ELA, Math, and writing assessment. Please make sure your child is here on time and has a good breakfast. Thank you!
  • This week in math, we are reviewing missing addends and introducing missing subtrahends. We are also working on phrasing in word problems like, "How many more..." and "How many fewer..." I will be sending home some extra practice that will be counted as homework.
  • Please make sure you are checking your child's communication folder regularly. Thank you.

Writing Goals:

Every quarter, we focus on a specific type of writing in First Grade...

First Grade Writing Focus:

Narrative Writing: telling a story with a beginning, middle and end, adding details as needed.

Hello! I'm Miss Graham! I am a student teacher in room 6 this semester. I graduated from Fresno State in May, 2018, with my Liberal Studies degree and started the credential program in August. I will be in the classroom 2-3 days a week and am looking forward to working with your child as well as learning how to be a better teacher from Mrs. Chambers. When I am not in the class, I am subbing in other classroom in CUSD or working on homework and projects. I will be done with my credential in December and cannot wait to have my own class (hopefully FALL 2020!) I hope I get the chance to meet all of you and look forward to a great semester!

Meet Miss Graham!

First Grade::Weather Report

We can't wait to her your child's report! Please check your child's homework folder for more details. Enjoy this project together. Thank you!

Meet Ms. M!

Hi everyone, my name is Mahnoor Wagan (Ms. M) and I am a part of the Clovis West Community Classroom ROP program. I'm so excited to work with your wonderful children this semester! I am currently a senior at Clovis West and plan to further my education at Fresno State to become an educator. I can't wait to see what 2019 has in store for us!

Kindergarten: ABC Club!

Our little kinders have been working so hard learning and reviewing their letters! These students have been inducted into the ABC Club! We are so proud of them!

Congratulations to:

Zayden A., Motaz, Abigail, Zaiden T. and Zane!

You may bring a simple treat on the day of your child's birthday before school begins. Please keep the treat fuss-free (something that doesn't require a spoon or fork is best).

We have 27 students.

January Birthdays!





First Grade Math...

We are reviewing how to solve for missing addends. We will continue to learn subtraction skills and how to determine whether an equation is true or false (ex: 3+2=5+0 is true; 8-4=4+4 is false).

Reading Logs:

Please make sure you are reading with your child every night for at least 20 minutes. I just LOVE the graphic that simply states, "Want to be a better reader? Simply read."

Reading Buddy Bags:

Your child will bring home a reading bag twice a week. Please have your child read this book to you, as this is a book they have been introduced to in small group in the classroom. Please be sure to add the title to your child's reading log!

First Grade Music Time:

with Mrs. Headrick

Thursdays at 9:45 a.m.

K-1 Library Day:

with Mrs. Gabriel

Fridays at 9:30 a.m.

Please don't forget to bring your books to return! Remind your child to bring his/her books on our library day. This teaches them personal responsibility.

Friday: Sharing Item (1st Grade Only)

Please bring one item to share with the class. The item must follow three rules:

  1. It must fit in your child's backpack.
  2. It must not be wet.
  3. It must not be alive.

These rules have been developed over twenty years of experience and research. :)

Friday: Snack Shack (1st Grade Only)

On most Friday afternoons, students are able to go and purchase items at our Liberty Snack Shack. Please send money with your child in a ziploc bag with his/her name on it.

Only $1-2 is plenty to get them a special treat.

Character Counts Awards!

Awards are given in the classroom and sent home with your child.

Recipients are announced in our Liberty Hawkline newsletter as well as on our class website.

September: Responsibility

Brielle I. and Andres

October: Trustworthiness

Abigail and Jeremiah

November: Respect

Zayden A. and Jett

December: Caring

Sofia and Gracyn

January: Ethical Choices

Zaiden T. and Sulaimaan

February: Citizenship


March: Fairness


April: Teachers Pillar Choice


May: All Pillars


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