Teaching PDF's

If any of these details are outdated, please email me. Technology outdates itself quickly, unfortunately. melissaculver@cusd.com

Student Password Reset -- Click on the link below to be redirected to the CN Tech Tools folder where you can find three PDF files that will answer your questions associated with resetting student passwords. tinyurl.com/CulverTechTools

Portal Highlights.pdf
Front Row -- Tutorial.pdf

Click on the PDF at the left to view a multi-slide teaching resource for Front Row Ed. Use the pop-out button (hover over the image, click on the top-right launch button), if you want it to launch in a new tab. You can download the document in the pop-out view. The download icon will appear in the top-right corner. It is the down-facing arrow and the line.


Parent Letter. Save this file and distribute as you choose. You may put it on your website. You may print it out and send it home with the children. You may email it out. This is a good communication tool to help your parents understand how to sign in at home. Be sure that parents have access to the child's username and password. There are a few details that may get in the way when they try to login at home. See the end of the letter for more details.

Logging In At Home.pdf
Benchmark -- Assessment Data.pdf

eAssessment Data in Benchmark. Okay, so you gave an eAssessment, now what? In order to explore where to go next in your teaching calendar (small group assessment group, reteaching strategies, or after-school intervention), here's how you grab that data. Check out this PDF to see if it is helpful in any way.

Prodigy. This is one of our apps in Clever. Here is a multi-page resource (PDF). It is an online math learning tool for kids. It is very game-like in how it functions. Battles happen between players. Victory is achieved through successfully answering math questions.

Prodigy -- How To.pdf
HMH Collections -- grade 6 -- tutorial -- DRAFT.pdf

Collections. Navigating through the 6th grade ELA text? Here is a quick overview that may highlight a few tools and resources you haven't explored yet. This resource is filled with a plethora of tools and resources: online quiz tools, writing tools, downloadable presentations, videos, PDF files, web tools, and more.

Math Book Plan B: A small percentage of CUSD students have trouble signing into the Math book even though they are doing everything correctly. Here is the workaround to get them into the book successfully.

McGraw Hill Math Book.pdf