Ms. Borjas

Clovis East High School

English 10 & AVID

School Information:

Clovis East High School

2940 N. Leonard Ave, Clovis, CA 93619

(559) 327-4000

CUSD 2018-2019 Calendar:


REC Bell Schedule:

All Periods (M,T,F):

0 Period: 6:40am-7:39am

1 Period: 7:45am-8:44am

2 Period: 8:50am-9:48am

3 Period: 9:58am-10:54am

4 Period: 11:00am-11:56am

5 Lunch: 11:56am-12:56pm

6 Period 12:42pm-1:38pm

7 Period: 1:44pm-2:40pm

Block Days (W,Th):

0 Period: 6:45am-745am

1/2 Period: 8:06am-10:00am

3/4 Period: 10:10am-12:02pm

5 Lunch: 12:02pm-12:42pm

6/7 Period: 12:48pm-2:40pm


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