Boris Library

Library Mission

The Library is a place for kids to explore their imagination, expand their literacy, and indulge their sense of adventure. Mrs. McLaughlin is here to help kids find books in their age, reading, and interest level. If you want to learn to bake a cake... we have a book about that! If you want to build a lemonade stand... we have a book about that! If you love the planets, we have books on all of them! At recess time you can expand your STEM skills with puzzles, building blocks, chess or checkers, and much more! If you ever need help with a research project, book report, or just a space to gather yourself in the middle of the day, the library is open for you!

Scary Story Contest Winners 2022 2022 Boris Books of the Year

Paige N, Sloane R, Alexi H, Miriam A


The Couch Potato by Jory John


Diary of a Wimpy Kid The last Straw by Jeff Kinney

first group to complete tetras puzzle

About Mrs. McLaughlin

After 9 year with CUSD I became the Librarian for Boris Elementary. It is my favorite job ever!!! I have had a love for reading since I was a child and tell the kids often that I still remember my library number from Mickey Cox Elementary. I hope to share my passion and spread the love for reading all over this campus, not just in my little library home!

"You will love to read, if you read what you love!"

-Mrs. McLaughlin


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