Simplify. Communicate. Collaborate. Protect.

We provide Small and Mid-size Businesses with technology solutions in:

-Marketing, Social Media & Branding (Websites, logos, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)

-Business Services & Cloud Technology such as Google Cloud / G Suite, Microsoft O365, CRMs

-AI (Artificial Intelligence) based tools for FULLY automating functions such as:

Scheduling - Bookkeeping - Sales - Emailing - More

-Security, encryption & compliance

-VoIP Services, Cloud-based Telephone & Unified Communications

Manage, communicate, collaborate & compete with any size business- from anywhere. And do it all (surprisingly) within your budget.

Everything you need to run your business securely from your phone, tablet or computer.

Reduced Costs

Do more with less: the expensive hardware, processing & other resources you use are located in a secure data center somewhere else & you only use what you need, as you need it. Cloud platforms and services are always improving in the background without patches, updates and expensive upgrades every few years; they're simple, straight-forward and don't need dedicated, in-house resources (because you have better things to do with your time). No more servers, etc. - and most cloud-based laptops and desktops average under $200 or $300.

Better Collaboration

You can opt to limit what others can access & how they access it, but the ability to upload, create, access & edit folders, files & documents (including large, complicated ones like CAD & others)- simultaneously is revolutionary, and one of the ways that agile startups are beating out larger, established companies these days. Beyond that, email, instant chat, web based calling or even more tangible video calls mean that now you can choose a method of communication that saves time but conveys your message from anywhere, on any device.

Increased Flexibility

One of the biggest benefits of the cloud is having uniquely secure access to work-related information & files from anywhere on any device (the beach, playground, train, restaurant, game, customer site, etc, etc, etc), facilitating better efficiency because you and/or employees can do what you do without going to an office or cubicle for relevant information or business functions. Alternatively, you can have face-time (video calls) & collaborate securely in the same presentation, CAD file, spreadsheet or financial file with your vendor, partner or customer with no travel costs or time.

Over 20 years of combined experience in "roll-up-your-sleeves" small business, technology, cloud, social marketing & startup work that will help you do business like the "big boys", even with little-to-no resources.

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