Businesses are embracing a move to the cloud for email, documents, online chat, and video conferencing. Therefore a critical decision for businesses is the choice of productivity suite, because these apps are used by employees for core office work on daily basis. As an employer, you want to increase the productivity of your team, make sure the data they manage are safely stored and all the information is accessible at any time.

Let’s look at two enterprise email and collaboration services available today: G Suite and Microsoft Office 365.

Head to Head

Both services offer email, cloud storage, document services, and video integration – but the differences are far and wide.

G Suite was built in the cloud and is a true multi-tenant solution with one instance of software for all users requiring only a web browser for full functionality across all services. Additionally,

G Suite includes an SLA backed uptime guarantee of 99.9% with absolutely no planned downtime.

Office 365 is based on the desktop version of Microsoft Office and multiple versions are available. Some versions include offline software which must be maintained manually. Office 365 also boasts a 99.9% uptime guarantee, but this excludes periods of planned downtime.

Additionally, a recent survey by BetterCloud, comparing G Suite and Office 365 highlighted some important results:

  • On average, organizations using G Suite experience cost savings of 41% compared with cost savings of 27% from Office 365
  • G Suite IT teams tend to be 5x smaller than Office 365 teams
  • 84% of large enterprises using G Suite enjoy increased collaboration while versus an increased collaboration for 72% of Office 365 customers
  • G Suite users utilize more of their cloud offerings than Office 365 users:

What does this mean?

Your version of G Suite is always the latest version and will never require an update. Updates and upgrades are automatically rolled out and will not require any action on the end user’s part. Google will also never disrupt service intentionally for maintenance purposes – all maintenance is performed in the background while Google Apps remains fully functional.

Office 365 may require frequent updating, either manually or online as different packages are available. Planned downtimes are scheduled for off-peak hours, but in today’s 24/7/365 business environment, having access to your communications and data at all times can be crucial.


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