MDTP Online Video Tutorials

Getting Started : Navigating the System

  • Becoming familiar with the navigation tools
  • Knowing where to go to add a school, teacher or administrator
  • Knowing where to go to set up classes, upload rosters, and add a single new student enrollment
  • Knowing where to go to assign and proctor an exam
  • Knowing where to find student data and reports

Adding Users and Schools

  • Adding district and school administrators, as well as teachers
  • Setting and changing administrator privilege levels
  • Adding a school
  • Setting users to have multiple roles

Adding Classes and Students

  • Adding a class
  • Modifying an existing class
  • Populating and uploading a class roster
  • Adding a single student enrollment
  • Editing student information

Assigning and Proctoring Exams

  • Assigning an exam to a class
  • Obtaining the 4-digit test code and exam URL
  • Closing an exam
  • Previewing an exam
  • Obtaining exam instructions
  • Generating exam results

Navigating the Student Testing Environment

  • Students entering the testing environment
  • System capturing of student responses
  • Student guidelines for keeping track of responses
  • Submitting a test

Reviewing and Downloading Data and Reports

  • Drilling into a single class set of data
  • Combining sets of data
  • Navigating and using the tools in the reports section
  • Finding and exporting reports
  • Sorting data

All available video tutorials support use of the MDTP Online readiness platform. For support related to the MDTP Online placement platform, please refer to MDTP Online PDF Tutorials.