MDTP Online Placement Tests

Prior to registering to use any MDTP placement tests, please read all related placement protocol.

Districts/schools participating in field-testing the HSA40D16, GP40D16, or ISP40D16 agree to the following field-testing protocol:

● Administer the placement test(s) prior to placing students, as per SB-359 Sec. 2.51224.7 (1)

● Placement tests on this platform need to be completed in one sitting. It is essential that enough time is scheduled during that sitting for students to complete the exam.

●The placement platform is a self-registration system. Once students receive a test code by the person proctoring the exam, they will go to and enter the code given followed by their name and ID. The test code will assign students to a class, teacher, school, and test. No student rosters need to be uploaded, but the teachers and their classes will need to be setup and tests will need to be assigned.