MDTP Online Placement Tests

Prior to registering to use any MDTP placement tests, please read all related field-testing protocol and ensure that the listed timelines and follow-up requirements can be met.

Districts/schools participating in field-testing the HSA40D16, GP40D16, or ISP40D16 agree to the following field-testing protocol:

● Administer the placement test(s) prior to placing students, as per SB-359 Sec. 2.51224.7 (1)

● Complete a post-placement survey that (1) describes how the placement data was used to make placement decisions and (2) provides a breakdown of the total number of students who took each test and the total number of students placed in each course

● Administer the course-appropriate readiness test in fall 2018, once students are enrolled in their courses, prior to placing students as per SB-359 Sec. 2.51224.7 (2)