Kia Ora

Welcome to Ruma Toru 2017

We are a class of writers! Look at some of the sentences we came up with:

I could hear the wind scream - Melvina

One second she was sound asleep and then "Bam" - Imagin

I slip my hand through the grazed and rusty bars, the bird which is black as night, digs his claws into the knuckles of my hand. - Mia D

She sleeps barefoot on the icy metal platform. - Emma

The girl's stomach howls in pain. - Lila

The weak, scrawny child gingerly swung open the cage entry. - Sophie

The grey silvery sky was filled with silhouettes - ravens. - Maia

I smell something rotten - it hits my nose like nails on a chalkboard. - Cian

Dark feathered ravens, circled around the battered cage searching for trouble. - Harry

As the bronze door swung open the girl shrieked and swatted at the circling ravens. - Abe

Then the fiery death dragon came back. - Zak

I hear my father talking in a hush whisper. - Sam

These savage


Noticing patterns in every day life has been our goal for learning about Algebra. The kids have realised that they need to be super observant and open to discussing possible patterns to be successful. It's been a great study! I've loved seeing children have "aha!" moments as they connect the dots.

Look at these examples of wonderful thinking so far:


Love, like or hate them they happen every year! Here are a few things we know about speeches:

Good speeches:

  • a clear topic
  • powerful words to get people's attention
  • entertaining
  • have descriptive language
  • rhetorical questions - a question that doesn't have an answer
  • listener engaged
  • cue cards
  • repeat the main point in different ways
  • anywhere between 2.5 and 3.5 minutes
  • confidence
  • purpose - convince, entertain, inform, inspire

Bad speeches:

  • ramble - blah blah bla
  • cue cards - out of order or not memorised
  • boring
  • repeat the same boring sentence
  • not a clear topic
  • dull subject
  • are only about facts


We complete quick writes to challenge our thinking in writing. Today we had to complete 1 sentence without using the letter a:

Why is there a big gorilla sitting there? Zak

Creepy gorilla sitting on the boulders, looking grumpy. Melvina

The oversized king sits there while he surveys the field. Luca

"Turn yourself my lovely little gorilla", "that huge furry gorilla is needing to be by himself for some time". Mia D

I sit there. Verity

I just sit there thinking why? Imi

The wild, oversized gorilla puts on his mischievous look. Mia CT

I could see dullness dropping on top of me. Ariah

The gorilla crouched on top of the boulder, feeling the sun on his shoulders. Abe

My oversized gut boutnced up then down. Liam

"Humph," the old, grumbling gorilla muttered, looking down to his beefy belly. Freya

"Im bou bou, the oversized king of these rocks".

"Ugh" "hey, skinny go get me some drinks. "Oh" you" should be quick or else"...Sophie

Inside the shed might there be some huge gorillas hopefully they don't lose there temper.-Ali

There he stood, the oversized gorilla protecting his son.-Ash

The silent tree's stood round my friends with their focus stuck on them. Harry

Fredrick, the loner looking for help from DR. rock. - Lila

I think to my self should i run.- Riley

Group inquiry sharing

We had a wonderful sharing session today. Here are some of the videos children made tos how their understanding...

Sam and Harry

Genius Hour

We have been working on our second project for the year. I asked the children at the beginning of their project what the impact would'll be interesting to see how they went at our sharing day on Friday 7 July.

liam's 3 sentences in the stadium.

the stadium stood open as it was rusting away all the dollars were spent are now a waste.

Imagin's 3 sentences writing.

The stadium ones stood full to all beings who came and went but now full with many others. A beautiful stadium turned into a filthy place were creatures come and go. Millions of dollars down the drain.

Maia's 3 sentences about ' The Stadium.'

The stadium looked like there had been a server earthquake, and had been totally abandoned.

The millions of seats scrambled around the oval pitch, with fallen concrete and dirt everywhere.

The only life in the stadium was the Seagulls squawking as if there were hot chips dancing around them.

Max's wonderful "Into the wild" writing!

We are running a schoolwide competition to get some writing published around our community. The theme is "Into the wild". Ask your child what they have chosen to write about (they are only allowed 150 words)...below we have Max's piece - very well written Max!

wild out doors

Anatomy of a number

We had some fun yesterday (6/6/17) looking at the number 25. Children had a range of mathematical equipment and had to show their understanding of this number. Over the next few weeks we will be looking at place value, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing using a range of strategies. It should be fun!


Inquiry Collaboration

A really important skill is to be able to work with a group of people. Now we all find this easier when those people are our friends, but what happens when Mrs Pilcher let's us go in pairs and then she pairs the pairs up randomly:

  • It's really hard to trust that the boys are doing what they should be doing
  • We don't know what everyone else has been up to
  • We're all working on one thing to get it done, then we'll do the next bits.

After some discussion, we decided that we needed to have group meetings, often. We also started a doc to make groups accountable. It will be interesting to see how these projects turn out!

We made a slide that gathered our ideas for what collaboration really should look like:

Collaboration roles and rules

Haulashore Trip

Wow what a glorious autumn day to head over to the boulder bank for our Nelson History study. The thing I really enjoyed about this trip was watching the children being curious by the treasures they found. Hearing their excitement and enthusiasm for being outside. We had some great discussions on how the cut was formed and the logistics of moving all those rocks.

The light house was also a real highlight. Each child went up to the top and enjoyed the panoramic view. Again, imagining what it would be like to live there and how it was constructed was an interesting topic to discuss.

On Haulashore Island we spent some time collecting rubbish - there was at least 10 bags full. We also found Sam's Great, great, great, great grandfather's grave. We walked over to the other side to view Fifeshire Rock. It seemed cray that boats used to try and squeeze between there and Haulashore Island.


Nelson Historical Walk

Wow what a gorgeous day for a walk around Nelson discovering some of the treasures from the past. The children were all intrigued by Nelson's history on the Trevor Horne Heritage Trail. Here are some pics below:

Holiday Questions

Today we discussed the importance of good questioning. Without a good question, you won't get the information you need. Some questions require 1 or 2 words to answer - these are called closed questions.

Did you go out of Nelson? Mia D

Did you play card games? Asher

Did you go to school? Zak

Did you go anywhere in the holidays? Verity

Did you see a cow in the holidays? Ali

Did you go swimming in the holidays? Sam

Who did you see in the holidays? Lila

Where did you go in the holidays? Maia

What was your favourite part of the holidays? Melvina

Answers which have more than a few words are called open questions

Who were you with and what did you do in the holidays? Ariah

What was your favourite part and why? Ollie

Did you go outside of Nelson? If so how did you travel and what did you do? How did it make you feel? Sophie

What was your saddest or happiest moment in the holidays? Sandith

What did you enjoy and why? Emma

What was your highlight and lowlight of your holiday? Liam

How did you push the limits or risk take in the holidays? Abe

What were your top five highlights and how did they make you feel? Mia CT

Where did you spend Easter? What did you do there and why? Freya

Who or what did you see and how did it make you feel? Anna

Was there a time in the holidays that you felt particularly happy about - when and why? Lucy

Did you try something new - what was it? Did you enjoy it? Why? Harry

Did you have a favourite dinner and why? Luca

What did you do in the holidays that was your favourite thing? Imagin

When did you feel happy in the holidays? Tom

Excellence Awards

Congratulations to Ali, Luca, Freya and Verity who received an excellence award at the end of Term 1. They have all had a fantastic start to the year and deserve to be recognised for their strengths!

Pushing ourselves to reach new heights!

Recently there have been a number of room 3 students who have achieved things for the first time:

  • Brook went down the big slide for the first time
  • Lila learnt how to dive
  • Ollie went for house captain
  • Sophie raced against Sam in swimming

Writing with sound

We had a discussion about how we add sound to our writing. We realised that often verbs and adverbs helped to make sound in our work. It was interesting to be spotters looking for sounds in the books we are currently reading. Great writing and reading go hand in hand! So we are giving it a go. We looked for ways authors had included sound in their text and are now creating our own. Check out our sites in the next week to hear some of these wonderful words come to life! Here are a few examples of how we write using sound.

Rose and I had just stepped into the most weirdest place to get to the other side, we gasped, it's a city. Imagin

The car was making a weird clanking sound. Ollie

Me and dad were tramping and I could hear the water rippling and the birds tweeting, the mountain gaots baaing and the wind whistling. Zak

He stared out the window, only to see flashing lights and a dozen horses. Abe

I tried to run but the guards grabbed me. "C'mon". Will

Ariah is amazing!

Ariah received the principals award this week for showing improved understanding in the text she is reading! Keep up the wonderful work Ariah.

Thinking further

We are challenging ourselves to think about the books we are reading. We do this by completing a number of tasks that stretch our thinking. At the beginning of the year we brainstormed all the different ways we could show our thinking. Here is the task board we ended up with:

Maths thinking

I have been really impressed with how Room 3 students are recording their thinking in maths! Each day we try to be reflective in what we have learnt in maths, what strategies we have used and how well we worked with others. Reflecting often helps the students to identify strengths and weaknesses. Keep it up Team 3!

Swimming with Swim Magic

We have been incredibly lucky to have the team from Swim magic taking us for 8 swimming sessions. They have been teaching the children some skills and swimming techniques, but more importantly, they have been teaching them about safety in waterways. Through practical experiences the children have all worked together to save one another, to put on life jackets whilst treading water and also they have learnt about a lot of safety tips for swimming in rivers, lakes, pools and the ocean. Definitely a wonderful experience for our tamariki.

Swimming safety

Class rep

Congratulations to Lila who was selected as our Class Rep for Room 3 and Room 7. She will be a fabulous leader who will take all of our wonderful ideas to Student Council Meetings and I'm sure she will create new initiatives in our school!

Principal's award

Abe was the recipient of the principal award for Team 3 in Week 4. He has had such a fabulous start to they year. He faces challenges with a great attitude and is a fantastic leader and role model. Abe also has a fun, cheeky side to him and I enjoy sharing a chuckle with him!

Well the beginning of week 4 and our space is starting to look great. Children have their own places in the class to display work they are proud of. Others are encouraged to offer feedback too. Our walls will be forever changing and growing as the students do. I'm looking forward to seeing what students believe is WOW (worthy of the wall).

Poem - camp

Congratulations to Imagin who got our first Principal's Award today at assembly. She received this for leadership, risk taking and being an awesome happy camper! Ka Pai Imagin - keep up the good work!

Camp was AMAZING! Room 3 were super stars and had such a wonderful time at Mistletoe Bay in the Marlborough Sounds. Here are a few snaps for you to enjoy!

Here we are on day two - ready to learn! Yay!

Here we's time to get stuck into another year of learning at Hampden Street School. Team 3 is looking like a great bunch of students already and I'm looking forward to heading away on camp with them in Week 2. See you on Tuesday 7 February!