You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.

Dr Seuss

Welcome to our site for 2018. I am looking forward to the year ahead! Tomorrow we get to begin a new year together, meeting challenges, working with different people and having some fun while doing so.

Week 1 fun

What a first week we have had. Team 3 is a great bunch of children and they are enjoying getting to know one another. We have got swimming every day and love being in the pool. Lucky for us Swim Magic are providing water safety lessons. Thanks to the HSS fundraising Committee we didn't have to pay for them.

We have also been working with Room 2 designing tents. This has been a fun challenge.


We are busy getting to know everyone in our class through our unit "Know me before you teach me". The kids all brainstormed things that people could see or already know about themselves around the outside and then the things that aren't so obvious on the inside.

We then did a piece of writing using some of these words... a few examples can be seen below...

Our teacher

Wrinkles that spread across my face as I smile

Happy with friends

High messy bun

Worried about disasters

Caring for everyone

Daughter, mother, sister, wife and friend

I am Tarnia

Know Me Better!

Nervous Smile

always swimming

Sick of McDonald's Bludger's

My eyes are glowing in the night people always notice

I'm pacinet about playing all sports

Pass me a ball and I will shoot It

Tom Perkins

The new basketball hoop

Today a massive crane lifted the new basketball hoop into place. It was a little bit exciting. After lunch we went out and gave it a test run!

I think it's fair to say this hoop will be used often!