Ruma Rua

Haere mai and welcome to the curious and creative Ruma Rua! We invite you to celebrate our learning journeys and to engage in our process.

Term 3 Newsletter

Genius hour 2.0

This term Ruma Rua has embarked on a ten week long, Genius Hour journey. Today Rm2 has used Flipgrid to revisit their driving questions, sell their GH idea and explain how it is intended to help others. This GH journey has been a steep learning curve for some, one that has created some wonderful opportunities for in-depth reflection.

The students are looking forward to their sharing session and we invite you to join us in celebrating all their hard work. Come along to the senior syndicate on Friday the 7th of July (the last day of term 2) 11am - 12:30 to see what it's all about!

The Nelson Museum trip began with a powiri (Māori welcoming ceremony involving speeches, dancing, singing) as we dove into the past and embraced Māori tikanga (Māori customs, traditions and values). Lara, our lovely guide sang and spoke about our eight local iwi and the positive trade relations early Māori had with European settlers (before agreements were broken by the English surveyors explained in The Nelson tenths). Between structured, sit down lesson time the students were encouraged to explore and engage with the rich heritage around them.

On our expedition of Hualashore island and The Boulder bank we found all sorts of treasures, from old bones, bits of rope and stinky rubbish to perfectly preserved kina shells, sea glass and lots of beautiful rocks! I was so proud of Room 2 on this trip, each one of us scaled the steep and twisting light house stairs to enjoy the stunning 360 degree view from the (very high) top! What I was more proud of though was how the students thought deeply about the environment around them and those who explored it before us. This inquisitive and reflective practice is becoming normal in Room 2 as a high value is placed on 'wonderings' and I aspire to equip my students with the tools and skills necessary to form excellent questions.

Holy guacamole! Term 2 has been massive! Ruma Rua has had some incredible opportunities to weave real world experiences into their classroom routine.

The Historic Nelson walk was a fantastic chance to empathise with what it might have been like to go to school in the 1800s, when Bishopdale school was in it's prime. Many students were shocked to learn the history of Pikiwai - the former Pa site that is now home to the Cathedral and how it was once home to the indigenous Māori people of whakatū (Nelson). In Fairfield park we took time to reflect on the birth and death dates of people from early Nelson and wondered what life might have been like for them back then.

These experience have brought a 'realness' to our Nelson topic and will continue to as we explore further throughout the term. The interconnected nature in which we are accessing the curriculum through this topic is really special. Students have been making strong connections between their own experiences and the topic whilst developing a deeper understanding of what is underpinning their learning. Soon they will be presenting snippets of their work on a google extension called Mymaps (watch this space) where the students will create their own virtual tour around the Tasman area.

Seniors T2 Newsletter

Our first STEM (Science,Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) day of the year was a buzz of excitement, energy and activity. Room two (and the rest of the syndicate) were challenged to think divergently and engage in many different learning activities.

Another awesome opportunity for Room two has been the Hockey in Schools!

Check out our geometry exploration session! Many an 'I wonder' question came out of this exercise as the students got a chance to experience the creative side of Maths.

This term we have spent a lot of time in the pool and have been lucky enough to have Swim Magic with us! Room 2 has had fun learning how to stay safe in and around the water, getting some experience with wearing life jackets and rescuing people. Swimming sport was also a highlight with a special mention to Olivia Huata-Findlay who smashed the competition right out of the water! Well done Olivia!

Term 1 2017 Newletter