Home Learning

Room 6 students work hard while they're at school. We are mindful that many students have busy lives outside of school and we want to encourage them to spend time playing and enjoying their friends and family. We do expect that they maintain a bit of a homework routine at home which includes the following:

Read for 15 minutes every night. We visit the school library every week in class; see me for some great recommendations! Reading material can include comics, novels, newspapers or magazines. We also encourage children to be read to at home- this can still count as 'homework'. Talk to your family about what they are reading and discuss what you have read with them.

Talk to your family about what you are up to at school. Discuss any maths and writing projects that you have on the go. This site is a great resource to help get the conversation going as it will be updated with current classroom activities.

Continue on with any work that you might want to do (e.g. writing projects, Learning Log Site maintenance, etc.). You can access your Google Account here.

Participate in afterschool activities such as sport, playdates, chores, trips to the supermarket, time with your family, etc.

Have a go challenging yourself with some Maths at 'The HSS Maths Hub'


Maths - Basic Facts

Click on the link to learn some really cool Multiplication Maths tricks:

Working on basic number facts will really supplement their class work at this level. We will continue to work on these throughout class-time, although these websites might prove an excellent way to develop addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. We will be having a big push in Room 6, in recalling our multiplication facts, so the more practice, the better!


Reading is self-motivated, but children are expected to read for 15 minutes a night. Understandably, with extra-curricular activities, sports and family commitments, this might not always be possible.

Accessing your GAFE account from home:

You can continue to do additional work on your blogs, genius hour or any other finished work.

Follow this link to sign into your GAFE account:

Currently, on the BBC 2 radio page, there are the 5o finalists for the best stories written under 500 words. The age category is 10-13, and there are some superb, and quite inspirational writers. Check out the link below:

The Literacy Shed

Have a look at the various story starters or videos to stimulate an amazing piece of writing! Look at the questions underneath to give you ideas about how you can start or which characters to focus on.

Find out about the world

Why not research what's happening in New Zealand today? You can also research topics and events that are effecting the world.

Being Creative

If you fancy being creative, why not check out one of these websites:


Have a go at these spelling challenges, a great way to learn commonly misspelt words: