Welcome to Room 6 2017

"Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning." William Arthur Ward

To start the year off, Room 6 started off with a series of collaborative activities with Room 5. We discussed the importance of working together and supporting one another to share ideas and listen to the values of others.

The wheel of fortune...

Teamwork makes the Dream work...

Welcome to the marvellous 'team-supreme' Room 6 for 2017! This week we have been doing lots of collaborative activities to develop our teamwork skills. It's been a fantastic start to the year and really impressive to see everyone working together, sharing ideas and supporting one another in their learning. We have been discussing the STARS school values and attempted to use these in our projects. It's been fantastic to see the year 6's supporting the year 5s in their new environment, and even better to see the year 5s using their initiative in supporting their learning.

Significant Term 1 Events:

Mistletoe Bay Camp - 17th February

Meet the teacher - 22nd February

Swim Magic begins - 27th Feb (2weeks)

Swimming Sports - Tues 21st March

House Swimming - Fri 29/30th March

Goal Setting conferences - 22/23rd March

Interschool swimming - 30th march

STEM day - Wed 5th April

Excellence awards - Thurs 13th April

Term Ends - 14th April