Room 2 HSS 2018

Welcome to the 'dream team' in Room 2! We have had a fantastic start to the year with some fun filled weeks getting to know one another and asking many questions about our new syndicate. We have also had . fantastic time away on camp and made many memories together. It has been amazing to see our new year 6's supporting our year 5's so far, and great to see our year 5's taking the initiative in their learning.

Welcome back to Term 3! And what a start we have had. Room 2 is well and truly into our speeches, planted some trees at the beach and started our (possible) careers in golf. It was lovely to see you all at our Parent-Teacher evenings to have a catch up about your child- so thank you for coming in.

Last week we ran the School Assembly on 'Kindness'- here is a quick video about how we demonstrated random acts of kindness towards others.