RUMA 14 2018

This is our Class Goal Setting Video that was shared at our Assembly in Term 4.

We are very proud of the progress we made as a class.



The Jewel of the Maitai

Main cast A on opening night!

Looking fantastic!

Practising on the stage

Raymundo's Curl Up n' Dye

Dance choreographer Mr Shelley

Teamwork makes the dreamwork

The Detectives from behind the curtain

Pedant and Inattentive address the crowd


Here are the links to our destinations of choice for our x2 PBL writing tasks.

I will link the children's persuasive writing and visual language brochures to the pin on the map.

Solar Houses:

We've been working with Karen Linyard to learn about making circuits and solar energy. Today we managed to wire up our mini solar houses and get the windmills on our houses to spin.

Magazine & Newspaper Poetry

Come in and see our wonderful and uniquely creative poems we have made using found words and phrases from old magazines and local newspapers.

Our goal was to think about the physical shape and theme of our poems so we can explain what they are about and what they mean to us.

Football World Cup 2018

World Cup Fever!

We each have a country and are investigating a little bit about it.

Prizes will be given for the winning team, most goals conceded, worst player record, leading goal scorer and player with the longest name.

Super stars of Cross Country 29-5-2018

Place Value Maths:

Some of our highly engaged students connecting materials with numbers in maths. We are using blank 100's charts to help with our 'imaging' of bigger numbers.

Cross Country Season

We are training every day around the school in preparation for the Middle School Cross Country in Week 5. We are timing ourselves and aiming to run further and faster than the last time.

Genius Hour Sharing Term One

Many thanks to all the parents and grandparents who were able to come along to our Genius Hour sharing afternoon on Friday. What an amazing turnout!

Our students were proud of what they had achieved in a short space of time and were thrilled to all your positive feedback from you. Watch out Term 2...these learners are on fire!

Museum Trip Nat Geo #50

Today we visited the Nelson Museum to visit the National Geographic 50 best photos exhibition. It was a fantastic trip that brought out a sense of wonderment and curiosity amongst the children. The class were fantastic and asked great questions. The exhibition is open for another 2 months and I really encourage you to go with your child if you get the chance. Jett says it was a good experience to see new things we've never seen before. Sam says it was amazing to see all of the amazing photos. Finn liked how interesting all the photos were. So check it out!