Room 4 HSS 2018

Welcome all our parents, family and friends to the wonderful world of Room 4! This is our class site which we will use to support and showcase our learning throughout the year.

What a start to the year we have had with our amazing school camp to Marahau and Anchorage. We learnt so much and laughed a lot. Check out what we got up to on our camp page.

The Room 4 Team at Anchorage Bay Beach

Term 2

Life through a Lens

Room 4 have been looking at photography and important images. This has followed on from our visit to the museum in Term 1. So far we've been looking at the technical elements involved in taking good photos, the science behind light and the stories that we can read into when looking at images.

We have been looking at scale and measurement in Mathematics. We each got a 4cm x 4cm square of an image that we enlarged to create a bigger image for learning space wall. It was trickier than we thought and required lots of collaboration to check that our colours and lines would meet and match. We think our final result is pretty awesome. Drop in and see this and all our other learning soon!

Term 1

National Geographic 50 Greatest Photographs

We had a wonderful trip to Nelson Museum to view the National Geographic 50 Greatest Photographs exhibition. We found the photographs packed full of thought provoking and emotional messages. In a world where our tamariki can be bombarded with the content and constant stimulation of the Digital Age, it was great to see that our kids are still able to slow down and really spend time focusing on one image to identify and unlock the message it holds. We look forward to going further with these images next term.

Life Education Caravan

Room 4 have been in the caravan with Harold the Giraffe learning all about the rights and responsibilities involved in maintaining healthy relationships. We learnt lots about being assertive when standing up for what is right and how we need to respect the viewpoints of others.

Swim Magic Lessons

Room 4 have enjoyed some wonderful sessions with the Swim Magic Instructors. The lessons have been focused on water safety and how to survive in emergency situations. We had a lot of fun learning alongside each other! Thank you to the PTA for providing the funding these important sessions.

Key dates for Term 1

Start of Term - Wednesday 7th February

Tuesday 13th February - Room 4 Camp

Monday 26th February (5-7pm) - Meet the Teacher evening

Wednesday 28th February to Friday 9th March - Swim Magic Lessons for Room 4

Senior Swimming Sports - week 7

Fri 23rd March - Week 7 House Swimming

Monday 26th March; 1-2:30pm, Interschool swimming

Wednesday 4th April: 3:15-5:15pm, Goal Setting conferences

Thursday 5th April: 2-7pm, Goal Setting conferences

STEM day - Wed 5th April

Sunday 8th April: Tasman Regional swimming Championships

Thursday 12th April, 11am: Excellence awards

Friday 13th April: Term Ends