Three Oaks Music Department

Information for Grade 9s!

"Music calms me down when I’m anxious, stressed or overdone. It is easy to sit down and play something or sing something and just be present. Music has hands down gotten me through high school. This program has given me new friends, helped me explore new techniques in singing and playing and overall made going to school easier in the morning." - Grade 11 TOSH Music Student

Hello Grade 9s! 

My name is Krista Bryson and I am the Music Director here at TOSH.  I created a short video to tell you about the exciting options we have for you to join our thriving music program!  TOSH Music is blowing up - in the best possible way - with the combination of our Instrumental Music program (concert band) and our NEW Popular Music Peformance program!!  

Quick Facts:

Grade 10s Covid 2020


Here is a little overview video of  last year's Grade 10s sharing their experience in TOSH Band 

21. Good 4 U - Krysten.MOV

Popular Music Performance

I have TONS of footage featuring PMP Students, but not one 'promo' clip. Here is a clip of some PMP521/621 Students performing Olivia Rodrigo's "Good 4 U"  *Fun fact! Krysten Cameron on lead vocals is now studying musical theatre at the ADMA in New York City!

Hear from the TOSH Music students about their experiences! *videos after fall semester 2021


Ella (Athena) - Band

Band "It was such a chill environment to be a part of. I met lots of new people and had lots of fun" *Ella added PMP to her schedule in her grade 11 year! 


Henry (SIS)  - PMP and Band

"This is an opportunity you don't want to miss out on" *Henry has taken both band and PMP in grades 10/11


Holly (G11) - PMP and Band

PMP "I found out I could do things that I never knew were inside me" *Holly has taken both band and PMP in grades 11/12 and a co-op work placement with me

Tour of the Music Department!

We have an AMAZING space for you to work in!! On top of this beautiful area, we also have access to a state of the art Black Box Theatre equipped with professional sound and lighting equipment.  Our recording studio (in the back of the music room) is up and running, and we've been adding more pro quality equipment.  The possibilities are endless.  Many students call this space their "home" at TOSH and spend countless hours in here before school, during recess, at lunch time, and after school.  It is a safe and welcoming space for all.  You're still welcome to visit us if you don't end up taking a music course :)   (*Video made in September 2021)

Which music course is best for me? 

MUS421A - Instrumental Music (Grade 10 Band)

MUS421C - Popular Music Performance

Ideally you take both (if you're already a band student).  Several students have done this and highly recommend it!  We also have several strong, keen music students sign up for Peer Helping or Co-op work placement when they're  in Grade 11/12 to spend more time working in the music department.  It's a very happening place!

Frequently asked questions

What ensembles/groups do you have at TOSH?

Do I need to take a music performance course to be in the concert band?

What other opportunities are there to get involved with music? 

What do the Popular Music Performance students do outside of class time?

Is there a possibility of having  other musical groups?

How do I find out more info?

The TOSH Music Department strives to be an uplifting, inclusive, joyful place for students who love making music and who want to be around other likeminded students.  It's my life's work to provide a supportive and encouraging environment for students to freely express themselves in a variety of ways,  and the results are truly breathtaking.  I can't wait to welcome you as well! - Ms. Bryson 

TOSH Bands Spring Concert 2022

Featuring Symphonic Band, Jazz Combo, and Wind Ensemble

PMP621 and R&B Band Spring Showcase 2022

Featuring PMP621 and a full 14 song set with TOSH R&B Band!