September 15, 2017 was international Dot Day. We were inspired by Peter Reynolds' book The Dot. We got our dots on and made our mark. Here is a small sample of our work. Kindergarten and pre K used dot markers and stickers, students in grades 1-3 used digital tools to create there dot drawings.

First graders wanted to learn about some animals. They read and collected facts with their teachers and learned lots of interesting things. They worked so hard, we put together a slide presentation which was turned into an eBook using simplebooklet! Great job!

Second graders were interested in learning about traditions that take place in December all over the world. Using padlet, students were able to read and collect facts about different celebrations around the world, take notes, write them up and draw pictures showing what they learned. Then these students learned how to drop pins on google maps and upload pictures and text so others could take a trip around the world and see what December holidays look like in other places. Super work!

First Grade classes were inspired by the book Who Has These Feet? and learned about animals and their special characteristics. ebook made with simple booklet, images from google safesearch.