Practical Nursing Program Application

We are excited that you are interested in the Practical Nursing Program at Clinton Technical School. We are no longer taking applications for our 2023 class starting, January 2023.



Students shall be selected on the basis of the philosophy and objectives of the program and the ability of the student to carry the program to completion. Selection for admission follows the school policy of nondiscrimination on the basis of sex, race, color, creed or national origin. The Advisory Committee will assist faculty in determining the selection criteria. The implementation will be conducted by the Practical Nursing Program faculty.


1. High School Diploma or HSE

• The applicant must have graduated from an accredited high school, OR have a passing score on the HSE (High School Equivalency; formerly GED). All high school and continuing education official transcripts are required.

2. Admission Testing Scores

• The TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) will be the test administered by Clinton Technical School or accepted from another facility. The fee for the TEAS is $70.00 per test. This fee must be paid at least two days prior to taking the exam. Applicants will be allowed to take the TEAS at Clinton Technical School two (2) times per year or a maximum of four (4) times in a 5 year period. Only an Adjusted Individual Total score of 56% or higher will be considered in the selection process for the initial 29 available seats. If enrollment for the upcoming year does not fill the 29 seats, the faculty will consider applicants that scored between 55% and 56% on the TEAS. The faculty will interview these candidates and, based on the total scores, may accept the most qualified. This will be on an individual case by case situation. The TEAS will be 75% of the total score for selection. This score will be weighted in Math and Reading. Acceptable scores taken within one year of the application process may be transferred via official transcript from the school where the exam was administered.

3. Work/personal reference

• Three Reference Forms (provided by Clinton Technical School) are required. The references will make up 15% of the total score for selection. Review of the recommendations helps to identify the individual’s pattern of dependability, responsibility, and interpersonal relationships within the labor force. At least one form from a present/previous employer must be submitted. Recommendations other than employers or teachers and counselors are given less consideration. Recommendations written by family members will not be considered. Three Reference Forms must be returned prior to the deadline for the applicant to be considered for the program.

4. Interview

• All applicants will be required to meet with the PN Coordinator and other CTS staff members. This informal interview will allow CTS to learn more about

the candidate as well as giving the candidate pertinent information regarding the PN program and financial requirements.

5. Application Form

• The Application Form must be submitted by using the form provided by Clinton Technical School. The application must be submitted prior to the deadline for the applicant to be considered for the program.

6. Criminal Background Check

• A fee of $14 will be required for a criminal background check.

• Final selection for the class is contingent upon successful background check. Any individual who has been convicted of a Class A, B or C felony is ineligible for completing clinical experiences and therefore unable to complete the requirements for this program. Please also see pages 29-30 of the PN Student Handbook in regards to the Missouri Nurse Practice Act RSMo 335.066 Refusal to Issue License.

7. Family Care Safety Registration (FCSR)/Employee Disqualification List (EDL) • If the applicant is flagged on the FCSR or on the EDL (or any other registry check required by a clinical site), he/she is ineligible for completing clinical experiences and therefore unable to complete the requirements for this program. If the student is added to the list or found to be on the list during the course of the program, he/she will be immediately terminated from the Clinton Technical School Practical Nursing Program.

8. Physical Examination

• A physical examination by your personal physician is a requirement for admission. After selection, prior to admission, students must pass a physical exam by the physician of their choice submitted on the Physical Exam Form provided by the school. A statement from the examining physician is required indicating that the student is physically and emotionally suitable for the practice of nursing. Selected applicants must provide proof of a negative mantoux TB test or, if positive, a release statement from the physician. An immunization record must be provided to the school. All immunizations must be current. Hepatitis B immunizations in progress must be current to remain in clinical. These must be obtained at the student’s expense.

9. Order application is received

• If two applicants have the same score on the selection scoring, the student who applied to the program first will have priority.

10. Drug Screen

• Clinton Technical School requires a pre-admission drug-screen.

11. Additional Achievements (Bonus Points)

• Bonus points will make up 10% of the total score for selection. For any of the following points to be considered, they must be obtained by the applicant and submitted before the application deadline. NO EXCEPTIONS.

o Patient Care Experience: CNA license (copy must be submitted with application) or currently working in a direct patient care area for one or more years as a CNA or similarly titled role. Must have a verification letter from employer submitted with application.

o ACT Excellence: A score of 23 or greater on the ACT during educational career. Must submit documentation with application.

o Previous College Credits: Completed within a 3-year period. A “C” or better in College Algebra, Anatomy and Physiology, Nutrition, or English. An official transcript must be received by the application deadline. NO EXCEPTIONS.

The above selection criteria will be evaluated by the faculty, with input as needed from the Advisory Committee. The 24-29 applicants with the highest scores will be admitted. The next 10 applicants will be placed on the alternate list for that year.


Clinton Technical School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or handicap in its education programs, activities, admissions practices and employment policies as required by Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972.