Conference Input FAQs

The categories and questions below are summaries generated by parent, student, and coach/sponsor input from the surveys published on November 7, 2022. A printer-friendly version can be found here.


What sports options are available for students?

Did students get a chance to answer these questions?

  • Yes, three surveys were sent out at the same time, on the same day. The surveys were seeking the same information from the perspectives of students, parents and coaches.

What schools are in the Ozark Highland Conference (OHC)?

  • Buffalo, Butler, El Dorado Springs, Sherwood and Warsaw. Please refer to this informational flyer that was shared with the survey.


When would this change take effect?

  • If the district moved conferences, this would take effect at the beginning of the 2024-2025 school year.

What is driving the need to change conferences?

  • In September, the Clinton School District was contacted by OHC representatives to determine our interest in joining the OHC. It was determined by administration and the Board of Education that the district was open to the conversation. Various factors come into play when considering conference affiliation, which is why we are seeking our stakeholders’ valued feedback and input.

What impact would this change have on the athletes that would be losing conference honors?

  • While the OHC does not currently offer conference honors for the sports of soccer and tennis (and the majority of the OHC plays softball in the spring), our Activities Director is seeking alternative conference affiliations for these sports if the district were to move conferences.

When considering this potential change in conference, were there other conferences available?

  • At this time, our only invitation came from the OHC.

If we were to make this move/change of conference how would this affect potential future affiliation with the MRVC?

  • The district can not speculate how a potential move would affect MRVC affiliation in the future.

As an alternative to moving to the OHC, would a change to the MRVC East be an option?

  • This possibility has been explored, but at this time the MRVC East has not shown interest or offered an invitation to the Clinton School District.

Is this potential change in conference affiliation better for the Clinton School District as a whole?

  • This question is what is driving the conversation surrounding any potential conference change and is the reason the district is seeking input from multiple stakeholders, including parents, students, and staff.

  • In an effort to provide as much information as possible, the district has created multiple documents (including this FAQ) so that stakeholders can make as informed a decision as possible.

  • Please refer to the Conference Comparison Website, as well as the informational resources previously listed. If, after reviewing the information you find you need more data, please reach out to our Activities Director.

How will this potential move/change affect the student athletes getting scholarships or being scouted?

  • Conference affiliation will not impact scholarships or recruiting opportunities.

  • Due to advancements in technology, the use of film and scouting platforms such as HUDL, and a coaching staff that has been educated in, and continues to adapt to, best practices for recruiting.


What are the standings for other sports?

  • Please refer to the Conference Comparison Website which outlines population, 3-year overall records, 3-year conference records, round trip mileage from Clinton, and historical/current enrollment.

School size and distance isn't enough to inform the audience about why this change is being considered. What other data can you provide?

  • Please refer to the Conference Comparison Website which outlines population, 3-year overall records, 3-year conference records, round trip mileage from Clinton, and historical/current enrollment.

  • If there are other metrics you feel would be appropriate for making an informed decision, please contact our Activities Director.

Culture & Climate

Does a culture of apathy exist in Clinton that adversely affects our students and programs?

  • As a district we always strive to improve our culture and are aware of potential challenges students and student athletes may face today that are different from years past.

Are we entertaining this move to the OHC because we genuinely feel we cannot compete in the MRVC, or do we believe this potential move will help the morale of our district as a whole?

  • There are a variety of factors to be considered when discussing future/present conference affiliation. Again, please refer to the Conference Comparison Website which outlines population, 3-year overall records, 3-year conference records, round trip mileage from Clinton, and historical/current enrollment. As stated previously, our Activities Director, our administration, and our board always seek to “do what’s best for kids.” With this in mind, we are entertaining this potential move to determine if staying or leaving is in fact best for our kids.

What is the district's definition of being competitive?

  • Referring to our District Activities Handbook, “the Activities Department, in cooperation with the community, endeavors to create a program to assist students in reaching their potential as individuals and as team members to ensure their positive educational experience. The mission of interscholastic athletics in the Clinton School District is to extend educational opportunities through competition while maximizing participation in programs that promote citizenship, sportsmanship, a healthy lifestyle and positive life skills… The ultimate goals of athletic activity will be to realize the value of participation, strive for excellence, keep a proper competitive spirit and develop and improve positive citizenship.” View the entire District Activities Handbook here.

Does this move benefit all of our programs?

  • While this is a subjective question, the activities director is exploring alternative conference options for tennis, golf and fall softball, and always seeks to make decisions in the best interest of the majority of our students and student athletes.


Will softball be moved to the Spring?

  • The Activities Director is exploring any and all options to accommodate programs that could be affected by this potential move. This includes a potential fall/spring schedule which has already been discussed with our Head Varsity Softball Coach Sydney Snyder.

Will soccer get to play in Districts?

  • Yes. Conference affiliation and district affiliation are completely separate. Conference affiliation is a local school district decision. District assignments are assigned by MSHSAA and vary depending on the sport or activity. Every MSHSAA-affiliated team has the opportunity to compete for district, sectional, and state titles, awards, and honors regardless of conference affiliation.

Can we find a separate conference for tennis and soccer if need be?

  • Yes. Our Activities Director is seeking alternative opportunities for sports/programs that would be affected should we move to the OHC.

Can the OHC eventually include the sports of soccer, tennis, and fall softball?

  • Possibly. However, the district does not have any control over which sports and activities are offered by other conference schools. Since the OHC does not currently provide these offerings, the Activities Director is exploring alternative conference options for those sports specifically.