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Dino Soriano Sr. FNP-C, CEO



Dino Soriano Sr. FNP-C, CEO

Dino Soriano is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner FNP-C, licensed in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia and Vermont, in the primary and emergency care settings.

He is the Chief Executive Officer for both Clinical Match Me and NP Nation. Soriano’s background includes emergency healthcare and acute health care at hospitals and healthcare facilities. Soriano completed nursing school at Seminole State College in 2006 and returned to school to understand the business of health care, earning a BS in Health Services Administration from the University of Central Florida in 2008, earned his MSN and FNP credentials in August of 2014 from Walden University.

Soriano’s tenure with Walden University was met with the challenges of locating preceptors. Finding a preceptor was a full-time job in itself which he managed to be successful without too much strain until the women’s health rotation. This proved to be so difficult that it caused him to have to sit out a semester. He tried all techniques he could conjure. Soriano called, he emailed, he faxed, he visited practices. No one would agree to receive him as a student. Finally, without the help of his educational program, he found a preceptor 4.5 hours away from his home. Soriano accepted. He packed his bags, rented a home and got a job in the new city. Given the struggle of being away from his family and maintaining two households, delaying his graduation, delaying the start of his career, he thought, “it shouldn’t be this hard. I’m sure I can build a better process.” Thus, the creation of Clinical Match Me, Inc.

Clinical Match Me (CMM) is a concierges service bringing students and preceptors together as the destination for students to outsource the laborious tasks of finding and credentialing a preceptor. CMM works for students doing all the leg work and for preceptors offloading the school’s cumbersome required paperwork.

There are no upfront fees to enroll in the Clinical Match Me process and we work for all ARNP students to help locate the clinical rotation and preceptor they need. We do all the work upfront and do not get paid until we deliver a clinical site and preceptor that your university approves, WE GET PAID TO DELIVER, In addition, we provide a financial honorarium to the preceptor for each student received through our service.

Clinical Match Me’s mission is to support the clinical education of the next generation of caring, competent, compassionate providers. We believe the landscape of healthcare in America is dynamic and changing. In order to meet the needs of the nation, Nurse Practitioners are needed to act as primary providers in all areas of the country, in all specialties. CMM’s support of clinical education is to help diminish the number of students who discontinue their education; and to advance the profession by helping the public to view NPs as viable, competent primary health care providers.

NP Nation was created to be the go to place for all things NP and is now operating in all 50 states offering great benefits such as state conferences, discount malpractice insurance, practice management assistance and financing for NPs o open their own practice.

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