Cliff Valley 3D Club

3D design and printing is an exciting new technology. It is really exciting and fun to make new designs, and see them come to life in the physical world. But there is a lot more to it than printing cool toys from the internet! I've created this program to provide a pathway to mastering the techniques of 3D design and printing, and to recognize those students who have made the effort to learn new skills. I've created 4 levels of learning loosely based on the apprenticeship system, with challenges and privileges at each level. The journey begins by becoming a 3D Design Novice. If you're ready to start your journey, move on to the Novice page. When you've looked through the tutorials, take a shot at the Challenge.

Each level of the program is divided into 3 parts: tutorials, challenges, and recognition. Start with watching the tutorials to learn the necessary skills. When you understand those, try the challenge for the level. When your challenges are complete and have been checked off, you will receive the privileges in the recognition section.