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Many thanks to my customers, mentors, and partners who knowingly and unknowingly helped validate the CxC Matrix design and metrics: Paul Ham- ilton, Andrew Morrison, Philippe Mauldin, Robert Hall, Burrell Landes, Julie Casteel, David Eckert, Kevin Ryan, Gwen Hall, Nick Jensen, Claudio Marcus, Kari Regan, Evangelos Simoudis, David Raab, Tery Larrew, and Martin and Regina Foy.

Much thanks and gratitude must go to my wife and family for their support in putting up with me as I dissected every customer situation, approaching everyone from salespeople to customer support representa- tives, to see “how they do things.” Thanks also to my mother and in-laws, and much thanks to everyone who shared customer stories.

Special thanks to Sears for the free lawn mower!

This book dedicated to Corrine Hoffman, Mary Hoffman, John, Sarah, David, and Julia Hoffman,

and James and Dorothy Ruediger.

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