Who is Malachi?

What if we combined emerging STEM skills with the unmet needs of those around us?

One school's chance encounter with a very special boy has resulted in the collection of stories, walk-throughs and resources that you will encounter here at the Malachi Movement. Our project began as a technical challenge to a high school robotics team, but it has evolved into an open call to redesign play for children and families with special mobility considerations. We are a national collaborative of students, educators, makers and families that are compelled to answer the burning question in the big letters above.

First Meet

Students at Cleveland High School are tagged in one mother's request for some help to modify and present a very special Christmas present.

The Design

Students get to work on an ambitious design for Malachi. His love of dinosaurs and individual mobility needs drove the design and building phase.


Cleveland High School's Robotics team has a very emotional unveiling at Christmas time for our newest Robotics Team member, Malachi.

Student Perspective

"Malachi’s project first came to us after an English teacher at our high school, Athena Davis, tagged us in a post that Malachi’s mom had put up.

“HELP WANTED!! We are wanting to get Malachi a big boy gift this year called the “Wild Thing” but it will need to be majorly adapted to be remotely controlled. Other special needs parents have successfully done this by gutting the thing and changing out motors but it takes some serious brain power to do! Do any of my local friends know someone with a creative engineering mind or a college/HS class that we could pay to modify this for us? And shhh don’t tell Malachi...it’s a surprise 😉”

“UPDATE: WOW everyone, we are blown away by the amount of support and feedback we received from this post! The Cleveland High School mechatronics program has reached out and would like to create this for Malachi! We are so blessed to live in such a loving community!

News Channel 9 also reached out this morning and would like to follow the story as it unfolds, so stay tuned 😊 I have been smiling all morning thinking about how Malachi is going to react. We always talk about how he is a superhero and one if his favorite things to do it is “run” super fast in his wheelchair. This is going to blow his mind!”

As a team we started right away. First we had to wait for Leah Carroll to drop off the Wild Thing so we could start rewiring it to be able to be controlled by remote controller. When we first got it we had to talk about the different parts it was gonna take to get this to happen. "

-Bree Flippen Team 7406 CHS Student